Miley Cyrus...stoner?

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  1. well by the way that sounded idk how it could possibly be sarcastic, she definitely tokes up.
  2. i wonder if any of the girls on here would be down for justin beiber if he took a snap
  3. Who really cares about Miley Cyrus?
  4. The comments on perezhilton make me die a little inside
  5. i think miley cyrus does smoke a lot, but i'm almost certain it's just to seem "badass" there was no way she didn't know what she was saying was being filmed right there just how she didn't know there was a camera 4 inches away from her face while smoking salvia...any smart/ actual stoner would handle those situations way differently.....
  6. [ame=]OMG WHO THE HELL CARES! - YouTube[/ame]
  7. yea just being a poser
  8. I believe it, besides it's the only way she can tolerate her music.

  9. hahaha the answer to that is no, fuck justin bieber under any circumstances
  10. aye aye aye,i know she is an annoying singer but as a 19yr old guy that thinks with his dick,she is one fine piece of ass in my opinon. not to sound like a asshole or anything lol . her smoking le ganja is just a plus on my "fap to a celeb" list lmao

  11. it was sort of a rhetorical question.
    i have no respect for miley cyrus as a person no matter what drug she does, her music is just too awful

  12. i agree 100% hahaha
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    Eh, she's a "role model" to a bunch of preteen girls so this is actually a good thing IMO, even if she's a "poser". The more "normal" smoking weed becomes the better. I'd like to see it be like smoking cigarettes was in the 40s for example, where a huge amount of people smoked v. regularly. Can you imagine how great that would be?

    I don't know why people bash on her and similar people (Bieber) so much. Ya the music is terrible but they're just kids making music for even younger kids. You don't have to listen to it. Who cares what impressionable 12-13 year olds like? It'd be like complaining about the Teletubbies being terrible programming. It's not supposed to be for you anyways!
  14. well i dont mind miley as a person. i worked with her multiple times at six flags. she was pretty cute in person. short though. but she was nice as hell to me, and had my phone number lol but she never called or texted me unless it was at work =[
  15. I just wonder....What is her GC user name is and has she been fuked yet???
  16. like she ain't the first girl to be smoking weed and yall seem impress about it lol

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