Miley cyrus posed in playboy

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    Check out the article yourself the release date is 28th November this year how truthful the article is I don't know I hope it is iv been waiting ages for her to do it I mean she's gotten close enough to posing nude then leaked them so I wouldn't be surprised

    Edit: fuck all you haters I hooted atleast a gram and a half of really good hash yesterday and thought this was real:/
  2. Not gonna lie, im excited
  3. finaly. i knew this day would come.

    wait, this is a fake news paper you tricky bastard. had my hopes up for a second
  4. To bad it's not Selena Gomez.
  5. selena gomez looks like a rat person
  6. Only half her face has face on it. :laughing: there are so many women out there who would look way beyond what a lot of "attractive" celebrities do if they were given the same makeup crews.

  7. Holy shit. I'm totally jacking it to this.
  8. I guess all you pervs didn't bother checking the source of OP's thread?

    Weeklyworldnews, really? lol.
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  9. FUCK I WAS SO EXCITED :mad::mad::mad:
  10. I'm not interested in Miley at all sexually. Final answer.
  11. My heart actually skipped a beat for a second...
    Fuck you OP :(
  12. It'll happen, don't worry

  13. [​IMG]
  14. Fake and Gay
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    No FUCK YOU! I was high and actually thought it was real myself
  16. It will be real....
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    Hopefully sooner than later
  18. Are you kidding me? She's a product of religious institutions and god awful amounts of fame...she'll have blow in one nostril and cum in the other by the time she's 20 and we'll all be online to beat off to it the second it happens. Dont even worry she'll cave in and give the world what they want.

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