Miley Cyrus Covers Smells Like Teen Spirit.

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    [ame=]YouTube - Miley Cyrus - Smells like a teen spirit - [NIRVANA COVER] Quito Ecuador- 29-04-2011 [Good sound][/ame]

    Edit: I also raged at how the person titled the video: "Smells like A teen spirit"
  2. Kurt Cobain just rolled over in his grave.
  3. This was the first and last time I'll hear her voice. What do these Tweens see in her?
  4. damn, why would you cover that. not that i dont like the song, but i mean its the very definition of played out. dumb bitch.
  5. she 18 yet?

    ewww nvm that cover turned me off.
  6. There's no way im pressing play and willingly listening to that.

    You'll have to turn that on when im in a car with you on the highway for me to listen.
  7. *facepalm*
  8. she shouldve covered fuckin bush's comedown from sixteen stone if she wanted to do something... 'alternative'. or what about black hole sun, orrr no, if she wanted to a NIRVANA song, she shouldve done, 'milk it' or 'radio friendly unit shifter' or if it had to be somthing from nevermind she could have at least done lounge act. or drain you .

    i could see miley doing that. despite the fact that ive never even heard her voice or seen her aside from photos ive searched for on google... i should be her manager though.

    ditch billy ray, miley. pick me up as your manager. if youre reading this. i need money. and fame. im in dallas.
  9. Holy god I just realized that some people consider her a musician.
  10. she seems pretty.. musical.... :confused_2:
  11. He shot himself because he knew it would come to this.
  12. Damn, while are you guys hating on her? It wasn't a bad cover, jeeze. Of course Kurt can do it better because....uh, idk, HE WROTE THE SONG.

    I'm actually proud of Miley for doing this. Its quite a leap from doing that Disney/country bullshit that she was doing. Good to see she's got a good taste in music after all.
  13. Maybe, but why THIS song for fucks sake? Like it hasn't been raped enough?

    Speaking of rape, she should have done Rape Me. That would have been entertaining to see reactions to.
  14. Here's hoping Miley pulls a Kurt.
  15. Well, I agree with you there. But it's still Miley Cyrus...its not like she'll be doing a song that isn't well renowned by kids 12-16 or w/e her target audience is.

    Edit: Not gonna lie I would totally "rape" her :cool: I'm 19 btw so it's ok haha.
  16. Like if you giggled and know you're going to hell for it!
  17. Did you really just ask us to like your post? Go back to facebook or youtube.
  18. quit being hater trolls guys... i fucking despise mileys music and everything she does but i am not so much of a hater that i cant admit this is a decent cover.. best song from her which doesnt say much.
  19. I think dey mad because her covering the song and her image come of as weird. But give her 3 years and she'll be IVing her veins out on meth.

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