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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mr Skinner, Dec 20, 2003.

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  1. Yeah, been thinkin\' about joining the mile high club for some time. Yesterday I flew to visit my family back home. I was on 3 different planes and still am not a member. Now I wonder: Does a good old DIY-handjob in the plane lavatories grant membership? And if so...should I ask the stewardess for some porn?

  2. no...

    there\'s gotta be two of you.... gettin it oooooooon.... :D
  3. It has to be two of ya to be a complete member..

    I\'m a member of the river club... nothing like getting it on while cruising the river on a pontoon!!!!
  4. Darn.....well, maybe I\'ll just ask the stewardess to help me out anyway
  5. can u imagion that?

    \"stewardess! i need a blanket. you to help me join the mile high club ooh and can i see the cockpit?\"

    if i had a drumkit there\'d be a joke drum roll here
  6. I lost my virginity in a school library. Do they have a name for that?
  7. Yeah, your a lifetime member to the book of the month club.
  8. i just watched a show wich featured the mile high club funny enough....

    its about hiring a pvt plane just to do that... its a really posh plane that comes with a lil bed and champagne an some food real romatic an pvt so you can join the club in style.... oh\' yea...
  9. i wouldn\'t want to become a member of that club on the same bed where a bunch of other people have become members. i don\'t know why, but that just kinda creeps me out.
  10. ...yet nothing beats a cramped bathroom that most likely smells terrible for style and romance when having sex.
  11. lol! Skinner heh. No I don\'t know, it might be a lower level of the mile high club.

    Here\'s my story. Back in 1998 my best friend worked at a company that threw these elaborate vacations for their top 10 sales people. Her boyfriend was one of the top 10. His best friend was also a top 10 sales person but he was gay. This was in Texas and you just don\'t go around talking about that at work in 1998. So he wanted to take a girl on this vacation, 9 days in Hawaii (big Island, Kona side at the 4 seasons resort - niiiice), so my best friend talks him into taking me. I was so stoked, naturally. I was going on a free vacation with a guy I didn\'t have to fuck to be there. (bonus) The gay guy has to leave a few days early due to a family emergency but I went ahead and stayed for the entire time.

    The flight from Hawaii to CA is 8 hours long. When we flew back my best friend and her boyfriend were crashed out, but I had a good buzz on from the bar we were sitting at to wait for our flight. A guy at the bar and I were looking at one another, but never spoke. Well we ended up being on the same plane. He was sitting just one row behind the seats across from me. So we could both lean out and talk in the isle. So we were in the plane and I noticed where he was sitting right away. I kept looking at him in the plane. We both ordered the same drink (Jack & coke) so he decided to talk to me. We were flirting pretty hard core. Then he did the ballsy thing, he leaned out and said hey - I\'ll meet you in the bathroom on the back right of the plane in 5 minutes. He got up and walked back to the bathroom. I sat there to myself and asked...what am I going to do; he\'s cute, has a nice voice and is confident in his package enough to ask me to go fuck in a airplane bathroom. I then thought about the mile high club and said why the fuck not! I got up and walked back to the bathroom. He grabbed me and started kissing me (it was kinda passionate for someone I didn\'t know, but I think he was excited. ha I was as well.) He had my shorts unbuttoned and on the ground before I could blink practically. He pushed me up on the sink and moved my panties to the side, checked to see if I was ready (which was kind of him) and went to town. (Everything was happening so fast I don\'t know how he had his dick out and a condom on it already.) He came really fast. I asked him if that was it? Because I had just got started going. He threw on another condom and was off to the races again. We only did it for about 15 minutes before somone knocked on the door. It was fine though, he came again very shortly after.

    So now you know my story. :) I can\'t believe I wrote all that high as I am. I\'ve been smoking all damn day! :smoking:
  12. Lmao...nice one...

    God, I\'ll be thinkin\' of that one next time I\'m on a plane...
  13. This thread is the reason I need a private jet. I have a long flight real soon, any good strategy vet\'s can suggest? :)
  14. I say flirting and alochol. There are a lot more people who are in to it than you might think. Get to the airport early so you can sit at a bar that is closest to your gate. Flirt with some people. Once on the plane if you aren\'t sitting near the person you were flirting with in the bar (given they are on the same flight) ask the flight attendant to move you close to where that person is. (Could you please move me up to that end seat on the right. It\'s emplty and I prefer the end.) They ususally hook you up. Then continue to flirt. If you feel she\'s attracted bust out the ballsy question, but don\'t leave it up for her to answer dirctly. Just say - I\'ll meet you in the bathroom in 5 mintues (point out which one). Get up right then and go. Make eye contact with her while you say it. It may not happen the first time, but I bet money it will happen. My story was the first time it happened to me. -- OH and don\'t ask someone if their parents are somewhere on the plane. Too risky.
  15. LOL, ideal pickup line \"So, are yah flexible?\" mischievious grin... I am guessing that the demographic probably has a slant of \'smaller\' people successful at getting it on in that little room. :)
  16. sounds good to me.

    heh. Well neither of us were big. Plus my legs were up in the air, ass on the ledge, back against the mirror/wall. So he really had quite a bit of room to himself. Now if only we could get Fëanor to draw this... :smoke:

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