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Mildew in pieces?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by airplane, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just got my first glass pieces the other day. I LOVE them. But anyway...

    I put water in the bubblers and "dry-hit" them, then dumped the water out. Obviously, some remained in the pieces. A few days later, I noticed black spots which look like mildew.

    Is this indeed mildew? Does anyone else get this in their bongs or bubblers? What should I do? Helppppp
  2. was it resin?
  3. Yeah I think youre right. The same thing happened to my hookah after i let the water sit in it for like 2 days. Just clean it out (alcohol + salt) or boil it. ;)
  4. Theres nothing to worry about dude. Any peice made out of any material will get "black spots" on them. Its just simply resin. It is best although to clean that once in a while because it does eventually start to give a nasty taste.
  5. im pretty sure it isnt mildew... im pretty allergic to mildew and mold and ive had my bub for a few weeks now and ive seen a few black spots but if it was mildew i would have a really bad day(s) of coughing, sneezing, runny eyes... etc... if ur worried jus clean it when u see the spots but chances are that its jus resin building up
  6. It's not resin. I haven't smoked anything out of them yet. By "dry-hits" I meant sucking air through the bubbler with no reef.

    But sounds good. I'll just clean it out. Thanks.
  7. Oh. lol.

    Just take some +91% ISO ( rubbing alcohol) and some salt. Just go check out on youtube "how to clean a bong" and that should show you how.
    Thats still really weird.
  8. Don't boil your pipes. It's not good for their molecular health!

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