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  1. So I moved back to the city where I go to school last tuesday. On saturday I got a migraine and thought little of it (I got pretty sick but I'm used to it). However, I got another on Monday, then one yesterday and 2 today. I used to have them a lot in streaks and they are just going crazy right now. To make matters worse this is the first week of school so I am trying to pay attention in class but I can't because I can't see the board or feel sick. The kind of migraines I get are preceded by an "aura" or a visual disruption. For me it's a sickle shaped shiny apparition that completely blocks all the vision it is around. Basically, all I am looking for are so good vibes as well as some info regarding how you guys cope with migraines (especially aura migraines) and some hints on preventing them.

    Also, no I don't have a brain tumor. I've made migraine threads before and everyone told me I was going to die...I've had these all my life.
  2. I used to get them pretty often...that all changed once I picked up smoking buds.

    Only thing that helps is an icepack on the forehead, aspirin, and laying in a dark quiet room.

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