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Migraines and Cannabis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NorthernPeace, May 17, 2010.

  1. Whats up blades:

    I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was ten years old. I was diagnosed then, because I had debilitating headaches every single day. Sensitivity to lights, sound, and the stomach pain were awful. I had a family history on my mother's side with my grandmother and my uncle both suffering from migraines. I was given 30 mg amitriptyline and 75mg atenolol everyday and had to manage my way through with ibuprofen. I was told that I would most likely be alleviated post puberty. When I was in high school I did find that the frequency and severity of my migraines decreased. I ended up ceasing my srcipts and everything seemed to be going fine.

    Now some years have passed but my frequency and severity of migraines has began to increase again. Earlier this month I had to call into a new job and explain I couldn't come in because of a migraine. Needless to say my employer was upset and suggested I see a doctor again to avoid missing anymore work. The other day I was going to go to class, and then work, but I just felt that creeping feeling behind my eyes and in my temple. I started icing my head and took some ibuprofen in hopes of staving off the onset. I remembered that I had picked up a bag of some buds that gave me a serious cerebral high just the previous night. I had never tried smoking when I had a headache before, but I packed up a small bowl and hit that.

    I laid down with my ice and took a half an hour snooze. When I woke up I had no pain in my head. No sensitivity to light or sound, and I was no longer sick to my stomach. I was pretty amazed and I have saved that 8th and repeated the process twice now.

    Does anyone have any information about migraines and cannabis? Or personal experience to share? I live in a non MMJ state (MN) so if anyone frequents a quality dispensary with legit medical info about pairing strains, I would love any information.

    Thanks and Peace be with you all.
  2. Hi hon, I'm "Granny Storm Crow" and I have a lot of information to share with you!

    I used to suffer with migraines. When I was 3, another child (5-ish) tried to murder me with a hammer. I was left with dents in my skull, scars that ache, and migraines. By the time I was 5, my bedroom had black curtains. At 19, I tried cannabis. Being a slow learner, it took me about a year to figure out that when I had cannabis, I DIDN'T have migraines! :eek:

    The proof came about a year or so later. The hubby and I were out- the usual end of summer drought. I had a bad one coming on- auras and nausea, but I hadn't quite reached the throwing up stage. A friend dropped in with a seedy, stemmy, undersized bag. We bought it, of course. As we puffed, the nausea and auras literally went up in smoke! :smoking:

    In my 50s I got a job where I could be tested. I put up with the headaches and migraines as best I could. I'd bum a joint from a good friend when it got too bad- and live in fear for the next month! After 3 years of this BS, my boss told me that the headaches were affecting my work and I should see a doctor.

    I did, got scanned and found that I "just" have migraines. I read the side effects of the chemical wonder the doctor wanted me on. I knew what worked faster than any pill and was far safer, too! I decided to see a "cannabis specialist" I had worked for 3 years, and no drug tests so far, so I felt fairly safe.

    Cannabis still works for my migraines and my last job evaluation was excellent! On the 5 point scale, I got mostly 5s, some 4s, and one 3 (clothes- everyone gets the average 3 unless they come to work in rags! :p ) I'll be 63 in a few months, and for me indicas work better than sativas.

    Now you said you need some studies? Well, I'm your gal! Have fun reading! :D

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    If you liked that, click the "MMJ studies" link in my sig. Lots more where those came from!

    Granny :wave:
  3. ^^^ I cant really beat her post but ill add I too also suffer from migraines and I find, as a daily toker, I rarely get them anymore. I personally through experience think smoking consistently helps prevent them.
  4. The good lady up above gave more info than i could have.... but i will say it can and will help. I am a legal medical card holder in Michigan for that very reason.:hello:
  5. I used to get migraines a LOT, but since I have started smoking I noticed the frequency gradually decreasing and I rarely get them anymore. I find that if I feel one coming on and I toke up, it goes away :D If I have a full blown migraine though, I feel like smoking doesn't help as much. To me, cannabis is a preventive measure for migraines (that's not all I use it for, but you get the point lol)
  6. I have disabling migraines. I had to quit a job in 2003 because my migraines. They were literally like mini-strokes. I couldn't do anything for weeks at a time, just crawl to the bathroom on my hands and knees and stay in the dark. My speech would slur and the pain was like someone had stuck an icepick in my head, hooked it to a bass subwoofer, and turned it up to 11. Doctors wouldn't do anything for me. They kept telling me to take OTC stuff for it, and Relpax type stuff, and then I got put on like 12 kinds of meds, including anti-seizure stuff, and nothing helped.
    I got my card for fibromyalgia, migraines, and panic attacks. I've been able to wean off everything they put me on. Any time I feel one starting, I use mmj. Sometimes it's hard, because I'm so sick that the smoke makes me gag, but after 1-2 hits, I can open my eyes all the way again and not pass out or puke. It literally saved my life.
  7. I don't have migraines, but I do get headaches very frequently. I'd much rather smoke a little bit rather than taking some ibuprofen, as it works better, faster, and longer. In my case atleast.
  8. Alis, have you ever tried a vaporizer? They are SO MUCH SMOOTHER than smoking!

    I have a friend who is a severe asthmatic with several other medical problems. She smoked cannabis for her pain even though it really made her cough! I let her try my Vapor Brothers one day. She took a hit....and smiled! :D We were ordering her one about 5 minutes later.

    When you add in that they use less, smell WAY less and the leftovers can be re-used in brownies for a second high :) - it makes getting a vaporizer a no-brainer!

    Granny :wave:
  9. No, I haven't tried a vaporizer yet. I really want to, but they aren't something I can afford right now. I'm thinking of getting one for my bday in August. :) Thanks!
  10. Ah, I've been fighting migraines for most of my life. At the worst time I was getting them every other day and could barely function.

    I've been on practically every migraine medication known to man, the kind you take after the headache sets in, and the daily shit which I hate. A miracle happened for me when I started smoking every day - my migraines practically went away.

    Don't get me wrong, I do still get them, probably monthly or bimonthly, but marijuana really has been a miracle cure for me. Both my neurologist and family have asked me, 'How did you get your migraines to stop?' And when I tell them marijuana it's something they can't deny the effects of, the proof is there, they all saw the transformation.

    I also get what are known as 'ice pick headaches' which are very short in duration but it feels like someone is shoving a needle through my skull and removing part of my brain. The pain is blinding and very intense. Since I start smoking these have really decreased in frequency and I've been through about a year and a half before they started happening again and even now they are few and far between.

    That being said, marijuana isn't for everyone who has migraines. I do know someone who gets severe migraines and when she smokes, they get worse.

    Sativas do the best for treating my migraines, as a matter of fact there are very few indicas that do anything for my migraines, however, when nothing is helping and all I can do is curl up and sleep - an indica is great.
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    Absolutely wonderful information. Granny: I LOVE that you have all the links.... can't wait to read up!!! Nice that all this info is all in one place!!!! I've been looking for this for a LONG time!!! :0) I have suffered from "headaches" all my life. After breaking my neck/back 24 years ago all pain has amplified!!! beyond belief!! I have always self medicated - after finally being "diagnosed" two years ago with "migraines/cluster headaches" I was prescribed dark sunglasses, (get a prescription and your work - has to let you wear them - mine are also for near sightedness). But, my doc also put me on Topamax and Cymbalta.
    Now after getting my MM card, I have not had a full blown migraine, but I'm afraid to get off the meds, as I have not had ANY... anyone have any thoughts on this? I hate taking the Topamax and Cymbalta, but don't want to have start up again in the event that the MJ doesn't do the trick all by itself!!!
    For me personally, I use Sativas during the day, for body/head pain (so I can still think/function) - and Indica at night so I can sleep / for muscle pain.
  12. Consult a doctor before weaning off Cymbalta and Topamax. These are both "diva" medications that can be very complicated to get off. Both can also cause seizures if you come off them improperly. I would suggest weaning off the cymbalta first, and then the topamax... but seriously, talk to your doctor about it.
    From one of my favorite websites, Crazy Meds! The Good, The Bad & The Funny of Neurological Medications :

  13. Hate, hate, hate both of those drugs, Topamax and Cymbalta. Topamax, AKA Dopamax is the drug that they had me on daily to try to treat my migraines and it turned me so stupid that it was better not to take it.

    Cymbalta, well that's a whole different story. I'm glad MJ helps you like it does me.
  14. Ah yes! I've been suffering from migraines with aura all my life, usually about 3-4 a week. I used to crawl in between my mom's bedpost and wall when I was little to "ground" myself to make the nausea stop. I was using Imitrex for quite a few years before I started smoking again. People who don't have migraines have no idea how dibilitating they can be. Thank you much Granny for all the links. I've got a lot of reading to do.
  15. I've had terrible migraines since Friday (just went to the doc today and he gave me some kind of prescription med) and when I smoked, the pain went away, but when I was coming down, it was drastically more painful. Is that normal?

    Btw, this is my first experience with migraines and I have no family history of them :confused_2:

  16. Two things come to mind. The first one is are you sure you were hydrated? A hydration headache on top of a migraine can he brutal. The second is that coming down from mj is faster than a migraine builds up in my case. It could be the sudden onslaught of pain that makes it seem worse.

    I hope you start feeling better!
  17. I've also found marijuana helps migraines, or any kind of pain actually. For me an indica works best,.

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