might be the sickest sheldon black...

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    caught my eye at the headshop...so i bought it

    crazy logo and its got a oversized joint with showerhead diffuser

    has a GRASSO logo on the back.. this shit hits really good.. suprised me...all i expected was another straight tube but nahh

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  2. nice tube, but any better pics? I wanna see the rasta design on that. also milk would be cool too.
  3. yeah, a milk would be sweet....and that showerhead diffuser is very nice
  4. nice showerhead downstem. I got one on my local (broken 9 arm perc) but the shower head still works
  5. Friend has the exact same grasso, but with different black logo. Amazing snapper bong.
  6. o0o0o shittt i went back and changed my mind- plus the last joint wasnt air tight????? wtf?? he let me trade it out..

    check this marijuana bad boy out -

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  7. nice, those are the newest labels. My favorites.
  8. Wow those tubes are pretty. I love that showerhead diffy. Is it SB also?
  9. Those are some dope SB's, I was looking at a six arm fixed downstem beaker for my buddy yesterday.
  10. I'm looking to pick up another sheldon black, and seeing these new labels really reinforced that, while giving me a raging hard on.
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    My friend has the same thing but with the six arm downstem, hella nice.
  12. Sickest thing about the 29mm grasso's is switching the downstem out with a ten arm luke wilson haha. The showerhead's still amazing, but the ten arms hit so bomb. So if your ever thinking of upgrading haha.

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