Midwest Tokers.

Discussion in 'General' started by Death ColL, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hey i'm new to this forum, however not new to weed. Been smoking for about 2 years now, with a about 6 month break. Im just tired of all these Cali posts around here and I feel the other states need some more love. So im just posting looking for some Midwest tokers out there. From Omaha myself, and while were not cali, we do get some Dank bud rolling by here.

    So how about it. Where are all you midwest tokers?
  2. janesville, WI

    school in Whitewater
  3. Lincoln Nebraska, midwest is where its at.
  4. Minneapolis, MN - Summer
    River Falls, WI - School

    Midwest year round.
  5. From Omaha as well my friend. We get out fair share of dank, that's for damn sure.
  6. st. louis, missouri right here! :hello:
  7. Chi-Town here!
  8. Plattsmouth nebraska yo
  9. Morrison, Colorado.
  10. Representing Omaha right here. You should check out my gallery, and see what I've been showing GC since I've been here.
  11. St. Charles, MO here...
  12. Man we got a lot of people from Omaha on here. The midwest definitely gets its fair share of the chron.
  13. Arnold, Mo here

  14. Here too. Middle ground.
  15. St. Louis, MO here

  16. I went to school in the Lou. Went to Ranken Technical College but i stayed on the University of Missouri St. Louis(UMSL). So how are the buds down there these days. Kid i went to school w/ always had the hook-up but now is out the game.

    Myself im a few hours north in IL. I agree w/ the OP all these damn Cali post.Dont get me wrong i love Cali but i just hate u all for having MMJ.
  17. Chi-City!

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