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Mids prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by akidnamedustin, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. hey guys so turkey day is close and im gonna be with a lot of family and friends who are stoners point in case im gettn a half o of mids(need quanity or quality) for 85.
    now to me 85 seems like a lot for mids
    do u have any advice on how i could maybe talk this kid down to normal price?
    or is 85 the normal price by u guys
  2. Here in Ohio, a half costs me $60-65. $85 is a little high when I can get an ounce for $110 here.
  3. 85 is too high for a half oz of mid grade. tell him you can get an oz for 110 through some other person and then he'll probably tell you that he can get you the half oz for just got to make it seem like you know what your doing and know fair priceing.
  4. ight thanks and yea i usualy pay 60a half
    but he said these are good mids wit red hairs wich i never new exixted lol
  5. Hair mean nothing. No matter what color. Ive had some shitty weed loaded with hairs. The only thing that normally matters is the trichomes on the bud or as other people call "crystals".
    Normally the more the better. If im wrong someone correct me.

    edit: dont pay more for the hairs. go no more then 70 for a half O. I rarely go over 60. Make that fucker go down on price.
  6. 85 for a half is what i pay for nice mids.. dont listen to these idiots, they dont get an oz of mids for 110, thats called shwagg.

  7. an oz around here is 100...good mids too...dont act like u know what everyone gets their bud for.

    oz - 100
    half - 50
    quarter - 35
  8. i usually pay $30 for a half of mids here.

    i didnt even check to see where you where from so i have no idea if its a good price or not. in south dakota if it looked really really nice i would pay the price you asked but not here in the south west.
  9. 30 bucks for a half? Thats a slick deal as long as its not brown
  10. I live in Ohio to and prices you mentioned are pretty accurate for the midwest.

    About the posters question 85 is kinda expensive but if they're really good mids then its worth it. If your friends with the guy maybe try talking him down. Remember though its a illegal business they control the product so they control the price.
  11. I pay around $130 an ounce for mids here in Mass but that weed comes from western Pennsylvania. Mids from around here go for around $180 ish an ounce. But I'm pretty sure some people near me pay less and I know a lot of people pay more. It all depends on who you know.

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