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Midgrade marijuana

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by HyDr0p0nIc420, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. Here are some pics of some of the midgrade. This cost about 100-120 an oz. Nice mids.

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  2. Antoher

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  3. Some other midgrade I had

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  4. man you have such good weed if i could get that kind of mids for a hundred bucks i would get an ounce about every week
  5. yeah man, that looks like a outdoor stan very dark green....peace..MrSbb
  6. those are some damn good looking mids - 100 bucks - That's a steal.
  7. hydroponic where are you rfrom?
  8. hydro: Florida
  9. ahh, im moving down there soon! is that normal price! hope you live close to titusville. :D
  10. Yeah Im In Florida And Thats What Mids Are Here... :)
  11. Ha, thats cool as hell... cuz im takin a trip down to florida.. maybe i'll have to hit u up for an OZ :p
    I'll smoke a few blunts with you.. of course.. or bowls or gravity bongs.. ur pick lol

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