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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CGreen, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I'm trying to buy some Mary J as I just smoked my last bit. A sort-of friend of mine said he'll sell me 1.5 grams of mid for $5, although he said he could sell it for $15.

    Is there various types of "mid"? Does this sound like a good deal?

    Reply ASAP, please. Thanks in advance!
  2. its 5 bucks why not
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  3. Do it.
  4. Listen to this guy.
  5. Because I'm a teenager making minimum wage that has to pay tickets and other bs. :p
  6. That's a good deal for mids. One gram typically is around $7 around here so he's hooking you up. Hopefully it isn't too shwaggy:D
  7. Probably schwag, if you don't care about quality go for it.
  8. Guess I'll bite. :p

    Thanks to all!

  9. If "schwag" is pronounced as "swag" or "swagg" (which I assume it is), than I've smoked this before and was satisfied.
  10. Don't forget to update us with pics :D
  11. Mids could be anything from not much better than shwag to nearly as good as headies depending on who you get it from.

    Unless he said its high or good mids it's probably on the lower end.
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  12. Will try.

  13. Yeah dude mids are really strange. Some people will sell you mids and it will be bullshit, some other people will sell you mids and it can rock. Some of the best weed I've ever smoked was "mids." People have funny definitions for things these days.
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  14. By teenager he means 18/19, i'm sick of blades with nothing better to do then act like brats when stuff like this pops up.

    Watch out you don't get sold oregano btw. 1.5g for $5 is a friendly hookup right there, even if he wasn't your friend and selling you shwag you could never get "ripped off" like that, so its all around good (and maybe better, if its decent bud). Maybe even smoke with the guy?
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  15. If that's how people are pronouncing it these days then ... Thats some swag... lol. Its pronounced like schwinn but drop the inn and add ag. The people you're hearing it from heard it wrong.

  16. You are the only one who even mentions ops age...

    Just buy it. Worth it for 5 dollars.

  17. It's just those dumb teenyboppers who walk around and are like "f00 look at mah sw444gggger!! <3<3" who call it swag. Everyone I know calls it dirt though, no one says schwag. For some reason it sounds really douchey to say.

  18. First of all teeny boppers didn't start swag. Swag was around way before lil wayne started up with his bullshit.

    Second of all most people out here call it schwag. I think its retarded to call weed dirt since not all schwag is dirt bud.

  19. It's not literal dirt... its just a term us New Englanders use to describe things that we think are bad, that car is dirt, this school is dirt, the president is dirt.
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