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    So I'm stuck in a motel room for the night with no smoking accessories including no lighter except for bud itself. If I break up my weed and put it in a sandwich or something fatty and microwave it, can I eat it and get high? Not too experienced with edibles. I have pretty much just a Subway sandwich to put it in.
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  2. If you have some headphones and some batteries, you can create enough heat to light a small flame in the sink using your sandwich wrapper, then create a bong using a bottle and use the small flame quickly.

    Only thing I can think of

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  3. Go to the front desk, they might have matches to hand out... if you have a few dollars you can ask to buy someones lighter you see.. The only other thing I can think of, which I would not recommend is taking the bulb out of a lamp and drawing current from the socket, or doing the same thing to a wall plug... but those are both dumb ass ideas and I would not do that lol
  4. lol McGyver! All I need is some bubble gum, a tampon, a paper clip and a prosthetic leg!!
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  5. This but leave it plugged into the lamp
  6. Phone the Sheriff, tell them you need a light and a safe smoking devicefor your medicine. Public Servants remember :smoke:
  8. Many tricks abound

    smear butter just a dab on weed apply heat and consume

    make 'firecrackers' or better

    empty teabag fill with weed and a dab of butter

    soak for 5 mins and drink

    your imagination is where its at

    good luck
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  9. In jail we used to use pencil lead, a pit of toilet paper and a plug in

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  10. a empty alum can works as a pipe, need a pen to poke some holes in a depression you make in the can.
  11. Order a pizza in the special instructions ask the driver to drop off a lighter and a wrap of your choice when he drops off the pizza just make sure you add in the cost and tip good
  12. Clearly this is no longer an issue as this weed has long been wasted.

    Props to all the people that came out with some seriously creative responses.

    I just have to ask - What fuckin world does OP live in where there is weed but no gas stations that sell papers for $1 and/or zero strangers with lighters?

    Perhaps OP was chained to the bed after being robbed by an especially masculine prostitute. The only thing OP had left is a ten sack the dude lovely lady had dropped and a car key stuck in their peehole... Obviously, the only appliances within reach were the Coffee Maker and the Microwave. Guess OP figured the Microwave was the best bet.

    For my real answer - Clearly breaking up the weed in a small motel room wasn't an issue, so I don't see why rolling some weed up would be. Nothing a j and a night stroll can't fix. Best part is if you get close to getting busted all you have to do is eat the rest of it. Not a great option but way better than a Filipino prison, which is apparently where OP ended up anyway.
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  13. Yeah buddy how did you solve your problem I'm curious now

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