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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by CSn0w, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. let's start one, i mean if the fucking DEA kicks in your door, they're not gonna look in the microwave casually sitting in your kitchen, just do a Scrog grow with a 150HPS in there and use the fan thats already in the microwave, hell, you could even use the turn table to get even light distribution
  2. no views? :(
  3. That sounds super unrealistic. Let's see some pics! Sounds interesting. ;)

  4. "Let's start one" as in, hasnt been made yet, but completely plausable in my eyes!
  5. DEA def would check ur microwave after shooting you/your children
  6. Hmm, yeah man, set that thing upside down, take out whatever in the microwave causes the Micro-waves, Safely.

    Upside down, get some floros, long enough to cover the sides, and the top (spinning disk).That would be sick, autoflower 12/12 from seed is the only way I can see it happening though, unless you have one big ass microwave.
  7. If the DEA kicks in your door, they are checking everything. But if all you have is a microwave grow, the DEA isn't wasting time on you.
  8. This thread topic is why i love fello stoners. Imaginative, daring and down to grow absolutly wherever he can grow . If the DEA busts it just set it to popcorn
  9. Hello fellow grower's does anybody know how small of a pot you can use to grow from seed to harvest im useing the strain blue moon any ideas thanks.

  10. the smallest i've seen from seed to harvest is a 2gal, but it was somewhat small, (for every gallon, expect a foot or so of growth depending if you grow it that long.)
  11. if i had too get rid of the evidence, just keep the microwave radiation part of it in there, and set that bitch on high.
  12. Thank's for the input what was the harvest size

  13. It wasnt that large of a plant, maybe around 2.5ft i think he said about a half Zip,
  14. Thank's for the reply im using a 3 gallon and also got a hydro tank going
  15. Dogs would still find ur plant not only that but a microwave is small... Plus I like to have my microwave for food.

  16. well alot of things effect yield, like lighting, Nutes, Type of soil, ect... it annoys me when people ask the expected yield, because there's no definite answer.
  17. Hey yea i have to agree i like my microwave for food and if you dont like the pc stealth box just take a 12 inch speaker box from a car speaker if you have one and gut it out and add a door and paint the inside medical grade white like i did works well also but hold in the middle of the back for a small pc fan

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