Microsoft Project Siena. HELP Thanks :)

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with this app creator by Microsoft? Called "Microsoft "Project Siena". It builds applications for the Windows 8 Store. I cant find any tutorials but does anyone know how I can create a application that will generate 2 random words that I made like a huge list I can make in Notepad or something and then it picks a randon 2 words and puts them together so basically a username generator is what I'm trying to make! I cant find much tutorials on this though. Thanks! :)

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    Writing a full Windows app with your own GUI and everything sounds like a waste.  It's complete overkill for such a simple little task.
    I would write it in VBScript personally.  Windows 8 will still support it natively (so will XP, Vista, and 7).
    I've never heard of Project Siena so I can't help there, sorry.  But IMO writing "Windows 8 apps" is a waste.  Everybody hates them.  I haven't met a single person who is a fan of Windows 8's "Metro" interface.  I'm sure they are out there, but they're weirdos.
  3. Where could I start to learn VBScript? Like what would be the best site for a tutorial and all that fun stuff! :D Ha. I like learning new things specially programming its something I been interested in sense I started using a computer pretty much!
    Has some good info.
    Although I can't fucking understand why they keep putting their VBScript inside of an HTML file in their examples, it's just to confuse noobies to the language.
    Just type your VBScript in the code editor of your choice, and save the file as a .vbs file.  Then you double-click it to run.  None of that dumbass HTML encapsulation.

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