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  1. HEY GC!

    So I just picked up something from a buddy, and it is freaking AWESOME.
    You know those little radioshack scopes? 5-15$, annoying to work with(once you have the right zoom and focus, its a B**** to find the angle to get enough light), and kinda shoddy?
    Well, spend a few bucks more and scoping is now the easiest thing in the world (with a computer)
    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/GSI-High-Definition-Scientific-Microscope-Microscopic/dp/B003BLTX62/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1321562706&sr=8-1"]USB Scope[/ame]
    25$ (shipping not included) from amazon; mine was free but had I known how it works, I would have picked one up)

    pros: easiest thing I have used to check trichomes for readyness, kinda freaking cool, LEDs light it up NICELY

    Cons: there is no auto focus. One you've dialed in the magnification you want, you have to move the scope closer or farther to focus.
    The stand sucks
    Its a PoS microscope; don't get this for scientific or legit scope work
    The resolution blows; if you want beautiful trichome close ups, stick with a scope+camera.
    Cant take pictures, the program I have with it is buggy. To get a picture, I need to take a 1 second video and select a frame from that.
    10x-200x, but on a mechanical cycle

    BIGGEST con - you need a computer/laptop.

    Attached are "10x", and "200x"
    I like it in the middle, to see a nice winter wonderland

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