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  1. Hello fellow growers. I am starting a small grow of 4 sprouts, going to be in veg for 5-7 days, and then put right into 12/12. My goal is to harvest before 20cm, may sound ridiculous but this is clearly a experimental, fun grow. I need help choosing appropriate strains and lighting, anyone that can help me please give some advice, pictures always appreciated. Again my grow limit is 15-20cm, single cola grow, i know i will yield just a couple grams.
  2. utilise LST or ScrOG. growing a plant as standard from seed your not going to keep it under 20cm, even with auto's. non auto's need a few weeks before they are mature enough to produce flowers so to do what you have planned you would have to use clones.

    I have recently just set up a small box just for the fun of it. a link to the thread is in my signature but I haven't added a photos yet. I put the seeds in to sprout a few days back and they broke the soil this morning. I haven't finished building the box yet but I'm not far off, just need to buy some rivets. I'll probably get some photos up tonight. it may give you some ideas because the plant height will probably be about the same as yours
  3. oh and any strain is fine, I wouldn't get too bogged down with choosing strains on their growing habits. just grow what you enjoy smoking

    as for lights, there's really no options there, you will need to use cfls. what size is your grow area? I find you need at least 40watts per square foot to get anything but you can use much more if your ventilation allows. I have 100watts in mine. 4x 25watt lamps. it covers the square. foot quite nicely
  4. How small can my clones be then?
  5. I've put a small rooted clone, maybe 3" tall, directly into 12/12. It topped out at about 16", single cola, and got a decent yield, maybe about 1/4 oz.
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