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  1. How are they even done can somebody help explain I'm new and would like to try it but don't understand how they don't die from root bound or whatever it is but can someone help me learn?

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  2. [​IMG]
    Bonsai the Japanese art of nibbling roots is a clue ..lol

    Bonsai - Wikipedia

    good luck
  3. Can you help me understand root trimming or pruning whatever it's called cause I thought that killed plants when you damage roots??

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  4. As long as you feed a plant hydroponically (constant bottle feeding) and often enough it doesn't matter if it's root bound. It will still feed just fine. I've seen 4' tall massive plants grown out of a 6" rockwool cube. The roots didn't stick outside of the cube either. It was drip fed.

    What happens when a plant gets too large for it's container is it dries out the container too fast and it exhausts the nutrients out of the soil. If you feed often enough that it can't dry out and if you feed with nutrients in your feed water every time the plant doesn't care about being in a small pot.

    I have a 3 1/2 foot tall Grand Daddy Purp plant right now that has dinner plate size fan leaves and is growing out of a quart square plastic pot. I have to feed it every day but don't have room to transplant right now until I put new plants in the bud tent.

    It won't even stand up on it's own the top is so heavy compared to the bottom. It's funny to look at. This was it like 2 weeks ago. It's way bigger now and in the same pot.
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  5. Can you teach me how to do this??

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  6. I've seen many growers try this. Some good results some bad. Success is what you plan to yield and the quality you expect
  7. wowmi never thought of that!!! defo gonna slap a small pot in my next grow to test this for myself does it work the same with autos??? thats just baffled me how you have such a small pot...yet a huge plant haha props to you man

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