Micro Growing: Criticism And Aid

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         Hello Grasscity forum!
    I just recently came to the forum commune specifically for the criticism and advice from fellow tokers.
    This, personally, will be my second grow attempt. Sadly, it will be the second time it is made on an extreme budget, but a second try no less!
    I have the basics and a little extra and what should be done to start a grow, but im posting this more as a call for some helpful critique on improving my novice green thumb
    The Set Up
    Okay, so I recently moved to a more so secluded home in the country, as apposed to my past suburban grow. This house is pretty fucking old with no three pronged outlets in my room (Save one) and at this time im posting, I don't have enough couch change for an adapter, though this IS subject to change!
    So, here's the set:
    As you can see, its small and I am missing key components about lining the walls with light reflecting white surfaces.
    Also I have some plant food and seeds germinating (20 seeds or so for those that don't germ).
    The plant food is a teaspoon for a whole gallon of water as was directed by miracle grow for indoor plants.
    Plant water:
    If you've looked over this id love to hear what your tips are, and if you've any stories or advice to give from a past grow, that would be great!
    I realized the pictures are small..

  2. First things first, that tiny CFL isn't going to give you anything for yield. You'll need a few of the 55w ones or something bigger than that little thing, especially for multiple plants.
    Yields are directly affected and limited by your lights, if that's the only one you got I wouldn't even bother until you get the small amount to upgrade.
  3. I have a friend who has two that are larger than the one I have! thanks, we'll see how it goes.
  4. CFL need to be a couple inches from the plants. You need 100W for the first and 50W for each additional plant. that one light for even one plant wont do a thing. And Miracle grow is not recommended by most.

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