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  1. Ive been doing some reading on micro grows and really wanna start one myself.
    Here is the setup i was planning on using. Please comment with suggestions, corrections, or just something different you would prefer.
    Xbox 360 box- i was going to place the plant in here.(Probably just in a little Styrofoam cup)
    (2) Pc fans- i was going to place one blowing in and one out. 
    Styrofoam cup & carbon- i was going to use this just in case of smell and tape it to the pc fan going out.(i was just going to try and go for like a single foot tall plant)
    Light bulbs- Ive been kindve confused on those. People were saying you can use an hps bulb throught a whole grow stage. But i was thinking i need something thats 6700k and another bulb that 2700k(for budding.)But idk anything about wattage for growing. And i was just going to rig these in the top of the xbox 360 box with these. http://www.amazon.com/Adaptor-Converts-Volt-Socket-Plug/dp/B0016681H6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370292200&sr=8-1&keywords=light+bulb+adapter+with+plug
     the xbox box is a foot tall , 11.5 wide and 7in deep
    please reply thank you!!!!

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  3. Please don`t use a cardboard box !!!
    2 issues there, 1st being a major fire hazard and 2nd once the humidity is up the moisture will be soaked up by the cardboard making it weak and pliable, not to mention the mold build up you`ll get from the damp air.
    Find an old pc tower or speaker, even a bin would work or storage tote.
    Good luck, rule of thumb for watts is a minimum of 100w per plant and 50w more for every added, but Iv`e seen successful grows with less , but tiny yeilds at the end.
    Your on the right tracks just avoid the cardboard ;)

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