Micro grow how can i keep plants short?scared as hell first timer

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by noobgrower951, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Sorry for the paragraph but i am scared as hell
    hello tomorrow i will give pictures tomorrow, but i am growing roughly 2 ft tall micro grow box coded with milar and a 1 gallon reservoir for 3 plants (i had 4 but the 4th one died due to low water level's in the hydrosystem)
    well basically i have been vegging with 100% light for about a week and a half know but my plant's are over 1 ft tall allready i dont have that much space literally so i started LST or got a bit of string and tied my plant down to make a 90 degree bend, so they don't get light burn but i am very worried about the height i have been watching videos on topping plants and screen of green, even if i am not trying to implement screen of green would it be good to place a screen of chicken wire around 3 inches away from the light? just to make sure they dont get too close? or what do you guys recommend? i am very frightened about the height of the plants what can i do to make sure they stay short? or dont hit or get too close to the light's?
  2. EDIT i will probably be going with LST or lower stress training after seeing some pictures on it but still want advice i am probably going to mimic what is seen in this guide and see how it goes. https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=6090
  3. Question!! my friend also told me that i had to cut all the branches in order for them to bud is this true? like he said if you dont cut the side branches THEY WONT PRODUCE BUD'S? / also can i only LST during Veg state? if so what do i do when blooming stage hits screen of green?
  4. Thats sea of green dude! you wont be having a high yield at all, but good luck
    marijuana wont start flower process until you tunr the light back to 11 13 or 12 12, you friend is refering to topping the plant to make it have more colas on top.
  5. yeah i started LST yesterday and it is going great i love how you bend it one day and another top comes up in like 3 hours :D awesome and i dont really want a high yield like a pound or nothing just some to smoke on to be my own street pharmacist

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