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  1. Hey guys,
    I'm building a dwc and trying to get together some good nutes before the grow kicks off, I like the sound of pH perfect advanced nutrients basic range micro, grow and bloom. Have you guys used these before? I'm a beginner so am looking for an easy upkeep until I learn the ways. These 3 from what I understand plus some calmag will see me through to harvest, am I right? What's your thoughts? Thanks guys
  2. Hey man,

    I'm new to DWC my self and about 5 weeks in... it's deff a little harder than I imagined. I have not used those PH perfect nutes but know the brand is good..

    The main thing with DWC is the EC so you will need to get your self a metre before you start anything... PH. Is obviously important as well but both combined with RES temp is crucial.

    And yes those 3 nutes plus CALMAG will get you through till the end maybe get something extra when get to budding but just get get to that stage yet..

    What set up you got - light wise and so on?
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  3. Don't use GMB I use AN always.
    There are different qualities of AN base nutes

    1. GMB
    2. Sensi Range Grow and Bloom 2 Part PH Perfect
    3. Connesiuer Grow And Bloom 2 Part PH Perfect

    I have used all and I use the new version of No2 which is for coco and I have used all the others too.

    I would use either 2 or 3 but I choose 2 as the 3rd is uber strong but very good and due to not needing to use a ph or ec tester I use the coco coir version of 2 with my own additives I don't see 3rd issues.
    Advances Nutrients are a great product for me

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  4. ^^ if your talking about sensi brand*
  5. Ec issues*

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  6. Hey shifte,
    Thanks for prompt answer man, yea I ordered a PH tester and EC tester this week so should arrive in a few days. Because I've been building this over last couple months and I've been reading so many different things I have accumulated many bulbs :( lol still pondering what I use. I have a 175w cfl 7500k I have a red dominant with bit of blue 100w led. I have x3 28w full spectrum led and also a 150w cfl that is 7200k lol it started with led then I read into cfl. I have an in ground glass house that I have built a 1.5 metre high grow room to go into. It's vented by 2 12v fans. Is 1100mm wide by 800mm deep. I'm glad you said the nutrients are Allgood they seem ideal and within budget. I also have a 400 litre water tank that I was thinking of turning into a gravity fed reservoir that can keep my water levels the same in the dwc. I have like 300 bag seeds so I'm going to play with them before buying my own. How's your set up look?
  7. Hey Facebookmadness

    I would love to jump straight into connisuer range but I don't have the knowledge of growing yet that I would want to, so far from what I've read I should start small before jumping into the more sophisticated nutrients. That's why I ask about the MGB because it apparently is a "Hobbyiest" bundle. Glad to hear you think highly of advanced nutrients though. Makes me feel like I'm making the right choice
  8. All good bro.

    I'm shit with measurements.. you are in NZ ? I'm in Aus... tell me metre wise bro cause that sounds super small!!

    Also with the lights man all you need is one good one depending on how many plants you want to grow !!

    You could get a 1000w HPS set up for like $500 maybe less not 100% sure and you could grow 4-6 plants and yelid like 1.5 to 2 pounds under the right condition...

    It sounds like you are growing out doors ?
    csnr use the water tank man that's way to much water and up keep for what you want to do..
  9. So it's 1 and a half metres high, 1 and a third metres wide. Basically a closet grow but because I'm basically burying it in the ground I needed to build it out of hardy wood I've a tub on top that will house the light's and the extraction fan. Also will be lower able via a pully system of some sort. I would have loved to buy a 500w but I am trying to do this almost off the grid so far my lights, fans, air pumps and heating is all under 500w. I have put that tub inside it so you can get a feel of space in there but I am buying a bigger tub I will have 1.25 metres grow space once it is in there. Hoping to get 2-4 plants growing and canopy them. I also have 5 fullspectrum led bar lights that are 30cm long each so going to have those under side of canopy and see if I can get good growth. Lol Yea kiwi as man, it will be all indoor but my seeds have come off outdoor I believe. ( does that matter )??

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  10. And Yea I won't be using the tank unless I find I'm refilling the res on the daily but the new tub I got lined up for the dwc is 90 litres so I should get 4 in there OK don't you rekon?? Just going off YouTube seems some fellas grow forests in shoeboxs lol
  11. Well that's a pretty cool set up man, need to make sure it's 100% light proof !

    Also the full spectrum LED lights are never as powerful as they state for example I have a 1000w but true watts is only 710

    Better check and see what they actually are. But like I said I'm still new til this man and a lot more people know about exactly the amount of wattage per plant and so on..

    With the bag seed, not the best idea caus they could all be male bro and then have to scrap them so if you want 4 plants germ like 10-12 and you be good if you get 4 females and get rid of the others...

    Sorry I can't help more
  12. Sweet as yep I'll germ plenty, it's still a work in progress. I've got insulation and emergency blankets ( shiny silver ) ones to line it with, should be no light coming in or out anywhere. Na all good man, good to actually get a conversation out of someone. I'll chuck a finished photo up in the next fortnight so you can see what it came to.

    Cheers bro! Goodluck with your grow
  13. IMG_0875.JPG IMG_0913.JPG IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0189.JPG Yeah man legend.. keep me posted... this is mine so far bro..
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  14. Holy shit bro that's a palace not a closet, you got all that fancy gear huh, is that an led light? Love the ducting, how much would something of that quality and size set me back? How many would you grow in there at once?
  15. All up Aussie dollars I spent like $1700 bro..

    Our dollar is almost the same and it took me about 3-4 months to get it all and save and shit..

    Yeah man it's a mars pro 320 light 1000w true watts 710...

    Lots of mixed reviews abt the light it's the "lower end" of the LEDs some cost around 4K just for the light !!
  16. And can get like 2 pound when I have it running perfect.
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  17. It's fantastic bro, really clean and tidy. 710w is plenty, I've watched so much debate over last few months about different lights and the thing I've come to agree on is they all make plants grow so ya can't go wrong with any, it's the growers choice. I think you Will smash it man can't wait to see your progress and yield! Lol my entire kit has cost me around $150 so far if that so if I manage to get a couple ounces I be a happy chap
  18. That's it man, also I read somewhere "growing can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be" that also comes down to money wise I guess bro... stupid guy at the shop sucked me in to it lol...

    Oh don't worry I'll keep you updated man!!
    Time for sleep, gotta work early, peace :)
  19. N
    NZ: One thing you will need to watch is your ec levels, the less light you have the less nutes/water your plants will process, I wouldnt use the schedule/ec level on the bottle at first but start low and work up its easy to overdose them, (been there) I am assuming the leds you have are off the shelf bulbs? My first indoor was CFLs...
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  20. Hey nobighurry
    I have been feeding my brain with info on ec/ppm to try and get a somewhat natural understanding of it, I don't really want to start the grow without figuring this out, I see that's where a lot of ppl fail.
    I didn't buy them off the shelf I actually found a photography shop online that sells high wattage cfl lights for waaaay cheaper than the local hydro shop, same bulb for around $85 cheaper. The led bulbs are from a hydro store online but they are the cheap ones. Honestly if I knew what I knew now I'd do what shifte said and buy 1 good 1 instead of 7 average ones lol
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