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  1. Wow 1/3 tsp vs 1 tsp seems like a big difference. How did it/is it going?
  2. I started reducing my nute strength since I started this thread with good results.
    This was a couple weeks ago. I only vegged for 23 days. :)
    7 weeks flower.JPG
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  3. Are your plants green at the end right before harvest or do they get yellow? I think I'll try 1/2 tsp (3.5g) per gallon based on your grow. Less and I'll have to use PH down every time or forgo silica
  4. My plants are green to harvest......I don't flush so they always have food available.
    What's the problem with adding pH down when necessary? :confused_2:
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    fed 1/4 tsp KB per 4 gal (hard) tap. that's all she's getting til harvest. I did this on purpose.
    edit*oops, here's the picture.
  6. Mostly because maxibloom is cheaper per PH lol. I just have to go buy some ph down
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  7. Did you do that the whole time or just starting at some point after flip?
  8. I only used KB in the last 2-3 weeks this time. At first it was 50/50 MB/KB, like 1/2:1/4tsp of each per gallon. This auto never asked for too much feed, just an auto. I then cut the MB and only used KB in the last 10 days. I did not feed for 2 days (in coco) as its near the end and believe dryness will expedite trichome production. I fed yesterday, but I think that's it, maybe once more? I will let it dry out some before harvest (couple days).
    No flush; new research suggests its redundant and maybe even harmful; does remove some nitrogen, but I don't think I will have a problem there. I wanted to give a little bit of nutes near the end to let it defend itself from rot, which I used to get if I flushed (with just water) too long (5-10 days).
    I used KB earlier on my last grow, to back off the nitrogen. Sativas seem not to need it as much (idk?). I found that it helped speed up ripening.
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  9. Just curious, the "1/4 strength nutrient solution..."
    Is this the Maxibloom or cal/mag for charging the Coco?
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  10. In this thread it was MaxiBloom. I currently use buffered coco and pre charging isn't necessary.
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  11. Hi Mick(and others). Been following this thread on and off for awhile. Seems I've never really been able to dial in my grows.....if it's not one issue, it's another. I feel like as I eliminate one problem, another surfaces, maybe I'm paranoid. Right now I'm in coco/perlite. Mars hydro lights, 75-80 degrees, 60-70 RH. Using filtered water with Floranova Bloom+Calimagic. Generally around 1.3 EC, 6.0 PH. These don't look right to me....new growth light and/or yellowish? Am I underfeeding?

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  12. The close ups look a bit yellow, but that could be the lighting......the one with all the plants looks good.
    What problems have you encountered?
  13. All pics are the same two plants, up close to see better. Recently I was having temperature issues as it stays cooler in my basement, 60 degrees or so, I was dealing with slow or stalled growth (most likely due to cold rootzone), so now be been heating my tents, staying 75-80 with lights on. Things seemed to be improving, but now growth seems to have slowed again and I just don't have the large lucious green growth that I have gotten before and what would seem fully healthy to me.
  14. u have a mg deficiency. add a touch of epsom.
  15. They say mg deficiencies start on lower leaves first, and as I've seen the leaf pics online, I did have that deficiency among others when my rootzone was cold. As I've researched today, it appears low EC/ppm could be the cause. Do you have a recommended level/amount per feed? Some suggest as high as 2.1 EC, 1100+ ppm.

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  16. You mentioned at some point you were going to replace sm-90 with hydroguard, did you do that or do you just use Maxibloom, Armor SI and Koolbloom?
  17. I used the last of what I had on this grow.....love that stuff.
  18. Hydroguard or sm-90?
  19. sm-90.
  20. Did you ever end up doing a hempy run?

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