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  1. Is anyone on here from Michigan?

    I'm from Battle Creek,(small,shitty town).

  2. Yo im like 30 min away im in Ann Arbor Home of the HASH BASH:smoke:
  3. marshall? i was born there, although i haven't had a reason to go there since then.haha

    i've always wanted to go to hash bash though.
  4. Say ya to da 906, eh?

    Yooper here.
  5. Hey whats goin on? Welcome to the City. Just outside of Detroit here.
  6. I'm from MI.
    Came from Farmington, now in Traverse area.
  7. battle creek is an hour from me, i'm in taylor, my mom used to work in battle creek on alot of weekends though for work. for kellogs
  8. metro detroit sterling heights
  9. Is Hashabash like a local music festival or something? And whatever it is, has it already happened this year?

    I am new to the area and hadn't heard of it. Google was clueless also, so perhaps some one could fill a Birmingham newbie in?
  10. one time i went to battle creek to see a concert. and the venue closed down and didnt even update their website or tell anybands lol when i showed up there were like 4 bands like wtf m8?
  11. Cool, thanks for the info! It looks like a cool event. I am just sorry I moved here several months too late to catch it.

    I went to a different Big 10 school in the Midwest- we definitely didn't have anything like that going on.
  12. oakland county white lake here
  13. raised in oak park/bloomfield hills (both oakland county) now go to MSU in east lansing.

    Hash Bash this year at U of M is celebrating the proposition that passed, legalizing marijuana for medical uses. People are doing to be rolling blunts/joints in public all day most likely, its only a $25 dollar fine unless you get caught with more than an ounce I think.

    Most of the weed in Michigan probably circulates from dealers/growers in Ann Arbor/Detroit.
  14. Hi guys! I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan form the country called Belarus. I'm so happy to live in this wonderful city and looking forward to the hash bash next week. Back home you could go to prison for 8 years just for having a bong with some tar on it. Still people manage to get high there... I heard it's different in the States, especially in Ann Arbor ;)

    The only problem I'm having - have no idea where to get the stuff, tried to ask in the local pipes shop, but they of course said they couldn't help me (I totally understand them).. So I'm waiting for the hash bash, maybe I could make some useful friends there :)

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