Michigan Potheads

Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. Hey are there any Michigan potheads here? If your in the greater lansing area, say so!
  2. Hell yeah man! I go to MSU myself! Who else is out there?
  3. hey croniccommando how old are you? Im just wondering, edit critter Anyone else out there thats from around here?
  4. I'm going to be 21 in 3 days! Only 72 more hours to go....
  5. sweet dude, buy me some beer...lol. So what is the minimum GPA for msu now?
  6. Yo im in Detroit right now been living here for 22 years. I have another house in Brighton wich is like next city away from lansing
  7. yeah, me and my roomate (popplefresh) are in detroit. well, actually rochester hills, if you've ever heard of that. we go to college here. but we're both originally from west michigan....
  8. Sweet. Hey, anyone of you peeps from michigan got any good sources....mine are all pretty dry. Not to fret tho...Im growning so in about half a year or so....Oz and Oz's.....Cant wait....Yummmmmm....:D
  9. Michigan Rules Yeah Rock On Yeah Alright Lol
  10. Another person giving out their age (well, sorta). Come on man, dont you want to be able to stay at this great place? :smoke:

    As for Michigan, a good freind of mine goes there alot cause his dad lives there. As a matter of fact, he is going there tomorroe for four days. He says its a great place, I would like to go there some time.
  11. Michigan is alright it's just the city I live in sucks ass.I leave for the military next month so I'll be happy to finally get out!

  12. Freshman in Highschool? I was 1? when I was a Freshman.
  13. Im aware that this is a old ass topic, Deal with it...

    Im in Ecorse right now, City right next to Detroit and River Rouge. Im from tha D.

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