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  1. Has anyone used Michigan mix soil? Ive been trying to help my cousin with his plants. He had used bad compost soil originally and switched to Michigan mix (the best he could). He switched the soil about two weeks ago and the plant is starting to flower.

    My question is should we add additional notes during the flower cycle? Im not sure if the soil will have enough to carry it throughout the flower cycle. My thought was to add some once a week but wanted hear what others thought. My last grow i didn't use any nutes during my grow and screwed myself in the end. Don't want to chance it this time
  2. The biggest thing with soil is making sure your mix is SUPER light & arid for optimal dranage. I would mix with perlite at about 50/50 or 60/40 soil to perlite ratio. Density of soil is a no no.
  3. But that's not what he asked...

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  4. I guess an A for effort lol
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    Your question depends - are you guys trying to keep this organic? If I remember correctly (although I could be way off base here) the Michigan Mix is an organic super soil medium?

    So I just took a look - and this mix is supposed to get you from start to finish with simply water used.

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  6. Michigan mix is an organic soil but we're not trying to stay organic. He just went to the hydro shop and asked what they recommended.

    Ive been trying to get him to get another tent and set up so we can have a perpetual grow. I have some good seeds that id like to start but id like to take clones off them if i can. He's just skeptical from having a bad start using the really dense compost soil. Hopefully i can turn it around and have a good harvest
  7. You know, if you guys wanted to make this super simple as far as daily maintenance and just grow some killer nugs I really suggest mixing up your own organic soil based on high-quality compost and vermicompost with your own soil amendments added. By doing this you'd only need to keep the soil mix moist with tapwater and wouldn't need to check or adjust pH, you wouldn't need to flush anything, you could reuse the soil over and over again and boy you can grow some really great weed doing this method. It is a little bit of work putting together the ingredients but once you've done it it's super cost-effective and works really really well. Let me know if you're interested at all.

    Having two areas for a perpetual garden works great also. This is what I do and I Mabel to take a plant down once a week or every 10 days or so. Every time you remove a plant from your flower area you simply replace it with your biggest and best plant from your veg area. You start out by simply adding one plant to the flower area every week to 10 days and by the time the first plant is ready for harvest you've got more fully vegged and ready to replace the ones that you harvest every 7-10 days etc.

    This is what I do and it works great. This way I'm harvesting more often but I don't have to sit there for a week trying to harvest/trim a whole room full of weed at once.

  8. I have gone down this path no doubt. For flowering plants you will probably want to give it a little extra, but not much if that soil has good stuff in it. Generally the plant will tell you what it needs, you just have to pay attention.
    For my girls I don't add much of anything compared to a lot of people on here. All I give her is some biothrive bloom and a dash of cal-mag every feeding. Thats it.
  9. Would you recommend that we add in feedings now or wait a little until the plant uses up whats in the soil? What kind of signs will the plant show when it needs more nutrients? Just don't want to realize that it wants nutes and find out its to late into flower to start to add it in. That happened to me my last grow
  10. Just wanted to add that i went by today to take a look and its liking the new soil and its growing like crazy. Its really bushy
  11. well...growweedeasy.com is a good resource for you. Tons of pics, ect. The plant generally tells you when it needs something. If its outdoors then mother nature usually takes pretty good care of her. Signs that it needs food is defects showing up on leaves, spots and such. If its showing those signs, or starting to get light green/yellow leaves probably feed it.
  12. Sure have and will continue to use it.....I start my seeds indoors which I have done two days ago. I grow organic so, what I do is mix 1/3 to 1/2 M3 to my garden soil work it in good at least a foot deep. Make sure to keep the water ph between 6 and 7...all you need to do. I havent used it at 100% but claims of you can. I know of several others around the area that use it to grow their cannabis and they too love it! I've seen several in forums complain about its NGK values saying its too high/hot.....well, it isnt and its working for us. I've always said "Some shouldnt talk about what they dont know". Also, the same gentlemen (M3 Mix) also produce Papa's Perfect Poop in 1# pouches that you apply just before the plants start to flower....I use this as well....both of these products are the best as far as I and many others are concerned....I use no nutrients...I do strictly organic but, as mentioned make sure to ph your water.

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