Michele Bachmann wins straw poll

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    That kinda sucks, I was hoping for Ron Paul to win :(

    Here a an article all about it.


    "U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, a favorite of Tea Party activists pushing to significantly shrink the size of government, won the Iowa Straw Poll of Republican presidential candidates today.

    Bachmann, 55, received 29 percent of the vote in the contest that offers evidence of candidate popularity and organizational skill in the state. Her victory could boost her chances of winning the Iowa caucuses that officially begin the nomination process early next.

    She edged Representative Ron Paul of Texas, who got 28 percent of the almost 17,000 ballots cast. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty finished third with 14 percent.

    An Iowa native, Bachmann has placed her greatest campaign emphasis on winning the caucuses as the best way to propel her presidential quest.

    Former Governor Mitt Romney, the frontrunner in polls in the Republican race, didn’t actively compete in the straw poll, though his name was on the ballot. Not listed was Texas Governor Rick Perry, who today announced his presidential candidacy in a speech in South Carolina.

    A total of nine candidates were on the ballot, and write- ins were allowed.

    Though the straw poll winner hasn’t consistently gone on to earn the party’s nomination, the contest does have a record of weeding out candidates who fail to finish near the top. "
  2. yea how the fuck did she manage that?
  3. I don't know man. But just found out Ron Paul got 2nd:eek:
  4. If this dumb-witted cunt gets the nominee, I officially give up on everything I've believed in.

  5. HAHAHAH! Oh my gosh, that's funny:laughing:

    Oh, there is more to come on the straw as it develops
  6. whats a straw poll?
  7. Yeah if Michelle Bachmann get's the GOP nomination, I'll lose all hope in humanity.
  8. who`s worse mitt romney or bachmann?
  9. ..I think it is due to who is backing her...RP won't accept their help...

  10. It's a like a small election that is held in Iowa:)

  11. Haha where do you find all your pictures, it's like you have a never ending database.

  12. That's a good question, a REALLY good question.:laughing: I don't even know how to answer that one:laughing:

  13. it's what you mount your straw man on...
    [​IMG]...and create your argument points from..:D
  14. Because she had chairs, some country person, and a petting zoo for the kids.


  15. Well, Bachmann doesn't believe in socialized medicare so I'd have to say she is the lesser of two evils. But, she still is a two faced cunt who opposed the stimulus, but still asked for funding.
  16. would it matter in the end...

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    Fuck no she used to be my county representative when I lived in minnesota she's basically Sarah palin 2.0 if she wins nominee I'm gonna be pissed. I'm glad Ron Paul at least got second.
  18. He only lost by 150 some votes. Really not that bad.

    Bachmann is an idiot. She'll soon fall through just like Hilary Clinton did. I really hope they give a bit more attention to RP though.

    A pretty big improvement from '08!
  19. she paid for peoples tickets in hopes that they'd vote for her

    im sure some did, im sure some didnt

    she was already scheduled for 5 tv appearances tomorrow before the results

    coincidence or rigged hahahaha

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