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  1. One of many prime examples of why marijuana is OK

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  2. "making stoners proud since 1996"
  3. i hate when people use Michael Phelps as an example of positivity of weed

    you are nearly IDENTICAL to the people who are against marijuana and cite people who are lazy as examples.

    Weed does not make or break you.
  4. Yea but it just defeat the stereo type of smoking weed will make you lazy Unmotivated ..

    But there are many people who smoke and. Are successful ......



  5. it doesn't defeat the stereotype, though.

    i know heroin users that are successful. does that change any sort of a stereotype? no.

    i understand the consensus, i understand the reasoning. however, i just don't agree with it.

    by using examples such as Michael Phelps I still believe we're putting it on a "pedestal" sort of speak. In my opinion, it's better to not speak on it at all.

    but again, these are all my opinions :) and i understand your point of view.

    also, there's a HUGE difference between smoking once and a while and BUSTING YOUR ASS to win gold medals and smoking all day every day and being LAZY.

    Marijuana did not HELP HIM win the medals, therefore I don't believe it should be addressed. sure, it didn't HINDER him winning the medals, which is an argument that i'd agree with. but that's not the general point of using him as an example.
  6. It just goes to show that it depends on the individual. Phelps is obviously dedicated to swimming and smoking bud didn't seem to affect that at all. It probably helped it, I mean taking huge bong rips must increase your lung capacity, right? :smoking:
  7. Um... no.

  8. If you are always taking the biggest rips possible and holding them in, despite killing some brain cells, it probably does increase your lung capacity somewhat.

    That being said, I am sure Phelps does "lung exercises" of some sort with benefits that far outweigh the benefits of giant :bongin:.
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    I never fall into any of those traps, I say put the blame where it belongs, on the person. A lot of lazy people never smoke weed what is their excuse?

    I know When I'm working out my performance and endurance are increased with weed, probably because I don't feel my muscles aching as much like when I'm sober.
  10. The way i see things, if your lazy by nature, then that's how you are. Same goes for being one of those types of people that are type a and always overwork for everything. Weed. Can't be the cause of being lazy or hardworking
  11. Precisely ^
  12. which brings us back to my initial statement: weed doesn't make or break you :p
  13. Tell that to my parents that "know a lot of hardworking people whose lives were ruined by weed".
  14. [quote name='"kd0G420"']Tell that to my parents that "know a lot of hardworking people whose lives were ruined by weed".[/quote]

    Hahaha, it's the same almost everywhere my dude. Parents, unless they are those unique super chill types, are not gonna budge with there views on weed. When I argue with my mother from time to time about weed, she simply sticks to her belief that " the government won't make it illegal if it's not damaging" , just can't be bothered to try anymore lol. Best just do it discreetly, out of your house if you live alone
  15. granted i don't indulge in marijuana anymore and live on my own, but my mom takes a different approach to what BoulosGH says

    she simply says "I know it's not bad, but it's still illegal. so as long as its still illegal, i can't bring myself to justify my son doing illegal activities."
  16. Thank god we live in the land of freedom
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    I am totally agree with you. You are 100% good here that I hate when people use Michael Phelps as an example of positivity of weed.No doubt weed does not make or break you.
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