Michael Phelps hits a bong... 9 people go to jail

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    I just watched the news and it said 8...sorry 8 people went to jail that were related to the michael phelps bong smoking incident. completly redicioulus. if this guy was just your average joe and a picture came out with him holding a bong, nothing would happen. but because hes micheal phelps, its this huge deal...lame


  2. If i was one of those people that went to jail (probly his "friends") I'd beat him up on video and then sell it.
  3. What a fucking dick. Fuck Micheal phelps. What good is he anyway? Cause cause he can swim at the speed of light, doesn't mean that he should have had this be such a big deal. if he was the average joe plummer or tommy telephone...people would have been like, "okay....and..."
  4. Man, what bothers me the most are the ignorant people that post responses having no idea what they're talking about.
  5. How many threads about the exact same thing do we need?
  6. lets all calm the fuck down and smoke weed until were so stoned we can't even talk, then philosophize man!

  7. im on it.
  8. Didn't hear the story.. Why did they all go to jail? Did Phelps rat them out?
  9. Phelps is a great olypian and an inspiriation to all who have a dream

    but he needs to grow a pair of nuts and stand up for himself

    his body is strong, but his mind is weak
  10. It's such bullshit, the standards athletes are held to. He's the fastest swimmer on earth and he's not allowed to smoke weed? I think the fact that he smokes weed AND is the fastest swimmer alive is telling. The media's got to get off his ass, he's an athlete not a politician.
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    more info on the 8 people who went to jail please.
  12. wtf you cant go to jail for having smoked weed only for possession.

  13. it wasnt his choice to be crucified for smoking weed you douche. Michael Phelps is a superhuman.
  14. Best advice/quote/post ever

  15. It wasn't his idea for this to be blown out of proportion.
    So no, he's not a "fucking dick".

    2 or 3 hundred

  17. i completely agree this is about the 5th thread ive seen about this guy.
  18. I clicked that link you gave and there is nothing about 8 people going to jail.....

    Find a link for that man... What the fuck for? For giving phelps a bong rip?

    It was said in this thread, but I'd like to state it again... It's not illegal to smoke weed, it's illegal to possess it.
  19. I heard on the new today that the guy that owns the bong michael phelps was using was trying to sell the bong on ebay and the bid was at $100,000 before they closed it down and arrested the dude selling the bong, but as for 8 people going to jail I havent heard that anywhere and I have been watching the news like a religion lately.

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