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    i just checked on a half dozen week and a half old seedlings i had growing. I Really didnt expect to see half of them shredded to bits. my smallest one was completly gone. Another, the whole stem was missing and the top was laying in the pot. Most of them look like theyve had their leaves chewed on. I Think only 3 are going to make it.

    Ive been at a loss for what could have caused it. Its only been 6 hours since i checked on them. The lights got turned off for a few hours and there is a small gap in one wall where something like a mouse could crawl into the grow area. Has anyone ever heard of a mouse eating seedlings? I put a trap in front of the crack in the wall with some cheese and peanut butter so if it isa mouse i hopefully catch that bastard.
  2. Of course, I have to "release" it if i want to reuse the trap! The cat actually caught one this morning. But seriously, I never expected to come home and find half of my seedlings eaten...always something new.
  3. Wow the cat got one, nice!

    Maybe even the cat nibbled on your seedlings? Are they in-/outside?
  4. Nah, the cats not allowed in the room where the plants are. Just checked the trap in the grow area...got another one. pesky little things...nibbled a little bit on every plant before he decided which ones he wanted to eat.
  5. It would be nice to see a pic of a trapped mouse next to your plants!
  6. Might have a picture tomarrow...I already threw the first mouse out. I reset the trap and something got away with the bait and bent one of my half eaten plants over. Looks like it was trying to dig a hole in one pots too. Im defnitley going to need more mousetraps.
  7. BOOM! HEADSHOT! This is the SECOND mouse...going to start running out of mousetraps soon.

    The only plant that survived being nibbled on...

    Group shot...and then there were 4...


    Just like they say, pictures are worth a thousand words.

    I can't stop laughing at that picture!
  9. That'll teach em! Ya dont mess with another mans crop! lol
  10. Poor fella, looked kinda cute and was just following his instinct. But you gotta control your grow space somehow or another. And, you can re-use a mousetrap...

  11. ...you know...that never really crossed my mind...even after i read it on the packaging.
  12. Glad to hear you got the little bugger, I had the same problem about a month ago and mine met a similar fate. I HATE rodents lol :devious:

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