Miami Mall grow op - BUSTED!

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  1. Authorities find grow operation at Miami mall

    August 25th 2008
    MIAMI (AP) -- The Mall of the Americas in Miami was home to a business not usually found among the food courts, retail stores and movie theaters of similar locations: a hydroponic nursery with more than 200 marijuana plants.
    Federal agents seized the plants on Friday. The grow operation was found deep in a storeroom at the mall. Authorities say the growers used the mall's electricity to power their equipment, adding the flimsy wiring could have caused a fire.
    Agents would not say how the drugs were found, and no arrests have been made.
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  3. I corrected that broken link for you:

  4. Wow, pretty darn cool.

    You know someone snitched.

    Agents would not say how the drugs were found;. --Damn informants.
  5. i used to shop at that mall when i was little but no one goes there anymore, its liek a ghost town, i am surprised it was still open. Alot of the major stores are closed, but i have to say its a good cover. those plants looked big too so they were there for a while i wonder if that was their first grow.
  6. I like how the CNN reporters continue joking about munchies.

  7. Yeah sounds like they knew what they were joking
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    Funniest shit, was what the weather guy said at the end about changing the subject as quick as possible because of the children watching. "Alright Tom now to get away from the marijuana topic for the sake of the children watching, lets move on to the story of another girl found dead and raped somwhere in downtown detriot. Also lets talk about the newest sex scandal in washington, and don't forget the 5 more soldiers killed in Iraq by suicide bombers."

    And off to comercial..."A cold refreshing Bud Light, good for any occasion"

  9. That's fucking funny as hell..
    I hate pretty much all the major news, they are so biased, up tight, and half the things that come out of their mouth, especially the things I have seen even barely involving marijuana, are completely ignorant!

    We should all boycott them till they at least acknowledge that marijuana is not the biggest problem the great US of A has!
  10. thats some fuckin crazy of my friends nieghbors got busted with over 500 plants...the funny thing is i had no clue or i probably would have kicked in their door b4 the cops did cus no1 was almost ever there.

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