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  1. heres a couple pictures of my lady. A little about her: shes about 38 days into flowering. i veged her for a month(18/6) and then switched to 12/12 Light cycle. Shes from a bag of scwhag for the hell of it. She has a bit of a stravia influence with the tiny pointy leaves and the stretching between nodes. any comments or advice will be appreciated. thanks.

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  2. Looks like your plant needs some extra light.
    Sorry to say but I think the flower it produces are a bit small for 38 days of flowering ; thats over 5 weeks. What kind of light are you using on your girl?

    Looks Sativa allright, I have no experience there but I hear they are harder to get to grow big....

    Also, next time you make a photo please include the pot that its in on camera so we can see the soil (I assume) and potsize.

    Other Qs:

    fert? temps? bulb type & watts?
  3. i don't see any Indica <NOBR>character</NOBR>istics, good luck on the Buddage!( i think thats a new word)
  4. im useing a 5 gallon pot. 2 35 watt CFL's the spiral ones putting out 2500 lumens each. one long florecent grow light. One orginal grow light with reflector(the kind from walmart). One 70 watt HPS light.
  5. That totally looks like a sativa. That being the case, the buds will start to fill in eventually and you are doing just fine for flowering. Some sativas might not start to really fill in by week 8. Therefore, be patient and don't harvest too early. Doing so will not only reduce potency, but, will also greatly decrease yield as well because some sativas put most of their bud weight on during the last 2 weeks of flower. Additionally, consider taking down that tin foil and replacing it with Mylar. You don't need to take it down right away but or even next week but, for your upcoming grows it might be worth it. Other than that, congrats on growing a nice plant.
  6. haha thanks for the props Cuzo. Im deff proud of her espcially since shes my first stavia. I just got that 70 watt HPS light and its makeing a major differ in the grow. She can grow as long as she wants till she lets me touch her buds hahhaha. I also got some Afgani and some special skunk from nirvana and looking forward to getting some of those pics up soon.

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