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MI headshops?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mattplusness, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I know about puff and stuff on van horn and telegraph in flatrock and new generations on fort and eureka, and the one up at michigan state's campus, but what are some others that are local to detroit mi? I am 20 minutes west from D
  2. go around 11 and graciot, theres three that have
    Zong, ADS, Graffix and some other nice stuff
    theres 3 headshops right around there called
    BDT pipe and tobacco, The Roadshow, and The Plum Pit
  3. i have to go to downtown tomorow to get my birth certificate so i dno.. i may have to take a peek
  4. Ann Arbor headshops: Stairway to Heaven, 42 degrees, (some other one that just opened). They're all around the intersection of William and State. If you go to one of these places you to toke, go, then get some food at Pita Kabob Grill (sooo good)
  5. There's one in Birmingham, The Shop Upstairs, or something like that
  6. 42 Degrees in Ann Arbor carries the nicest stuff, but is pretty pricy. They have RooR, LuX, illadelph, and so on. There's also Stairway to Heaven and the new one that opened is the Foggy Bottom Bayou.
  7. The Station is on Michigan Ave just west of Telegraph.

    New Generation is the closest to me and the people are cool there.

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