MH vs. HPS

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  1. Can somebody explain to me why MH is ideal for the vegetative state? I know its a blue spectrum of light vs. a red but what does the Metal halide really do for the plant?
  2. There are entirely to many threads dedicated to explaining the answer to your questions to start a new one. Check out the stickies in the lighting section.
  3. I did search I wasnt able to find anything... Thanks for helping not at all. Maybe a reference? Link?
  4. There is a lighting section to the forum, this is the indoor growing section. There are 'stickies' for each section with helpful information. Be nice, I was and am helping, is anyone else?
  5. My bad the lighting section is in the grow room setup section. But none the less it's there.
  6. Basically the plant can take better advantage of the lighting depending on the spectrum:


    But if you want to know more this subsection is going to be of help to you:

    Lighting - Forums
  7. thanks for the link

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