MH or t5 CFL ?

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  1. yo i'm wondering if I should get MH or the t5 system for veg


    About how many plants could you grow in flowering under a 1 1000w HPS ?

    Thanks ! :smoke:
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    Well I would recommend a metal halide bulb for veg, especially since a T5 system or CFL's wouldn't come anywhere close to the lumens off the MH lamp (and you can buy MH/HPS ballasts and use both lights in the same lamp off the same ballast if your using the room for both veg and flower).

    Also a 1000w hps could light an 8'x8' (possibly 10'x10' with supplemental lighting) area pretty well. Just have to be able to properly vent the heat out, and bring in cool air. A cooltube will help cool a 1000w down as well, they can be pretty expensive though. Good luck.
  3. Roo is correct, an ideal setup, though many of us don't have the room, you question depends on the grow area you have...more info required.

  4. Some one just pointed out to me that those LED lights are only 13 watts and said they won't make any impact at all. Truth?
  5. I would not do led...too expensive and really not worth your time. Unless you plan on buying a 1000w unit for like 13k or something crazy, just go with the 400w mh.

    That's what I would do anyway, I have seen some decent led grows, but really not worth it IMHO.

  6. So you don't think a HPS/LED combo would work too well?
    Just go straight HPS/MH combo?
  7. After looking at those LED lights, nothing that cheap will do anything for your plants. Just knowing how expensive LED lighting truly is for this hobby, you would have to dish out at least $700-$1500 for a good LED system.

    The only benefits of LED I really know of too are low temps, and energy efficient. Thats like it...and if you really want LED I would check out more reliable sources..heres a link to a decent LED system to give you an idea of what you really need to spend to get decent results...Agromax Pro Series 280 | LED Grow Light.

    With that said, I really think you will be happier in the long run if you veg your plants with a metal halide, and flower them with an hps. Again invest in cool tubes, and exhaust fans, etc...the hardest problem I face is brining down my temps..and I run a 250w mh/hps system. Also, you can bring in supplemental lighting, if you find you need to do that at anytime during your grow, buy some cheap cfl's and let them hang down the sides so what the mh or hps doesn't touch, the CFL's will take care of.

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