MH lights

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by qz420, May 24, 2006.

  1. so I work at sportmart, and i noticed that the lighting is a combination of what looks like several 1000w Mh lamps and several flourecent lights. Anyways, is this right, do department stores use Mh lights for lighting or do the bulbs im seeing in my store just resemble Mh lights.

    Well i noticed that one of the Mh lights in a string of like 8 lights over one aisle just went out. And has continued to not light for a couple days. So is that basically what happends when your bulb burns out, it just doesn't ignight anymore??
  2. Yes, like an incandescent bulb, an MH bulb will eventually burn out completely. However, before it does, light output will be reduced significantly (by 1/2 or more) after a certain number of operating hours. You will want to replace your HIDs long before they burn out (in fact, I've never seen one of these bulbs burn out completely, I've never used the same bulb for more than two grows).

    And yes, those lights up there are indeed MHs. They are frequently used to light large shopping areas for their lighting efficiency and eye-friendly light spectrum. You will also frequently see HPS lights in parking lots, they put out a little more light per watt than MHs, but the orange glow is pretty ugly.

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