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MH lights?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smokedogg, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone
    I was woondering from all you that use MH lights are they good?
    Are they better for Vege?
    Do the 250 watt MH lights run very hot cos I have a small box which is 2feet wide and deep by about 6feet tall but with a 400 watt HPS the temp got way too hot so I'm thinking of changing that into my Vege chamber and running a 250watt MH in there

    So any info/experience would be great

  2. Its going to be hot to. Keep your HPS light an invest in a bathroom exhaust fan ($30), wiring and hardware ($20), and ductwork ($20) and install a good exhaust system to suck the heat out of your box.
  3. Nah even with a big kick ass exhaust fan that is normally used in the bathroom I think it was 250mm and big vents at the back of the grow box I mean big like 220mm size and heaps of small ones round the bottoom it still got up to like 40 degrees celsius.

    But I want to start having two grow rooms one for vege and clones and another for flowering which I would use the HPS for.

    So do you think if i ran a MH 250watt iI could keep it cool with the exhuast fan????
  4. 400hps 4 flower and 250mh 4 veg sounds good. the 400w wud light a bigger room than 2x2 but if 2x2 is wot u have....

    about ur 400box, do u just have just the lamp in the box or the lamp and the balast? i take it u have intakes that r twice the size of the outlets?

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