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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MickeyC, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Made the mistake of not checking here first but I did some research on HPS and recommended Lumens and forgot to check recommended Lumens for MH. I just bought a 400w HPS/MH conversion lamp and the Lumens listed are 55,000 for the HPS bulb, and 38,000 for the MH. I read that at least 45,000 is recommended for good growth. I planned on using the MH for veg and HPS for flowering. Did I screw myself by overlooking the MH lumens? 38,000 gonna cut it for me? Only planning on growing about 3 now (was gonna do 6) I know I could find this out by searching but maybe I can cancell the order quickly and go with something better. Any response would be appreciated. I know these newbie questions are a pain in the ass. Thanks.
  2. For three plants you got plenty.
  3. you need less lumens to veg .... youll do just fine with that light .....
    as long as you dont have too many sq. ft......
  4. 38000 lumen seems too low for that light. My 400 watt HPS puts out 51K lumens, or something liek that. You're plants should do fine. I have 6 plants under a 400 watt HPS and they are doing very well.
  5. 400 watt will be more than fine...MH for veg... HPS for flowering! you HOOKED yourself up in my opinion, those lumens do sound low....i'll have to check mine and report back to you...
  6. Well, the damn thing shipped in something like 2 hours so I can either send it back and pay the extra 30 shipping to do so...or I can stick with it. Newbie mistake damn it. I have a month and a half to plan all these details out for best possible results and I'm already screwing up by not doing my research. But if some of you guys think it'll be fine for a few plants I'll try it out. Got a walk in closet to work with and can block out excess sq. footage if I have to for maximum light efficiency I suppose.
  7. Naw. Don't worry about it. That light is beautiful. Not only that but, if the HPS bulb is 55,000 lumens you have the super-dooper hortilux bulb which is great. The normal HPS bulb is around 50,000 lumens. You have the best possible combination of artificial grow lights on the market today. Congrats.
  8. Thanks man, you have definitly boosted my confidence. I'll try to limit my posts to questions I can awnser using Google, or any other search button. Again, thanks for the reply!

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