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  1. Ok, there's obviously some connection I'm not making here.  My girls look great right up through until they get some size.  ONce they are too big (I have 12 legally) I move them out from under two 8 bulb 4' T5's, under two 600w MH with XXXL hoods.  This time more than last, they stretched ALOT.  I thought with added light they would stretch less?  Another thing worth mentioning is that I've been waiting for 10G pots to arrive, and they may have been a tad root bound in the 3 gallon pots.  I know that's kind of a big jump, but it's what i can do right now. 
    I have buddy's with T5's sitting alot higher above the plant canopy in vegge than I do, and I think there's look better.  Is the MH 'too much' light?  Having a hard time rationalizing why they would stretch under my conditions.  Tehy have two oscilating fans on them, feeding per recommended dosages H+G nutes.  Temp running mid to high 70's. 
    My gut feeling is maybe the lights are too close.  But it's not burning them at all. 
    Any thoughts?  This is really baffling me.  :(

  2. stretching is caused by lights being too far away not too close.
  3. ^ what he said

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  4. Why are you using two Veg lights? Are you vegging them to get bigger under MH? What size light? How far from plants?

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