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  1. What the hell is with MGK? A friend showed me MGK's song wild boy and I thought it was one of those satirical songs but later found out this kid is serious. What has the world of music come to.
    MGK if you happen to read this just know that you are dumb as shit
  2. here in northeast ohio, everybody and their mom will not dismount from this dudes dick. they all like "ohhh he rep for the city and ohio." he fucking moved here from colorado as a sophomore in high school. i mean its cool to be proud of the city you in, but if i think your music is wack as fuck, i will not support you. also heard he doesn't actually do any of the banging he claims to do in his songs.
  3. haha i dont mind that wild boy joint i think its cool more white boys doing their thing in rap

    katt williams crack me up in that video
  4. I don't really mind him either. His Lace Up album was decent. He's definitely a sell out. Waka Flocka is the real disgrace to music here ^.^
  5. damn that didn't take him long to sell out at all...I liked a few songs off laced up
  6. The dude's a pretty good rapper, just listened to that Wild Boy song. He's fuckin' quick.

  7. Only person I can agree with in this thread lol

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