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  1. Right now I have roughly 15 plants growing outdoors, each a month old. Now I am using MG Moisture control for these plants. It retains water great, which allows for more time between watering. They all seem to be doing great but I hear horrible reviews on MG and many people flame it in fact because of it's time released ferts. So I decided to try to MG organic soil, but it won't even sprout germinated seeds. It hardly accepts water, even in small seedling treys. I've read that MG organic choice without the time released ferts is a great alternative. Am I missing something about this soil? Is it not intended for seedlings, maybe only established plants? A secret to watering this soil? I'm clueless at this point and any sort of explanation and advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. I am a hydro grower myself but I hear good things about FoxFarm and ProMix. IMO I would switch to something else other than MG because anything I have ever read about it says its no good and to get rid of it.
  3. i remember reading a comparison grow using different soil types Promix,MG,MG organic,FFOF,FFLW and the guy said that MG organic was the worst soil he has ever seen. like you said it would not even take water
  4. I tried MG Organic once, and it seemed like it was 50% wood chips, 40% soil and 10% fungus gnats.

    It was terrible.

    Moved up to Fox Farm Ocean Forest and haven't looked back since.

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