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  1. does it smell at all when theres no bud in the trench? what i want to use the mflb for is to take it to school with one pre-packed trench and then during the day just slip into the bathroom, vape the bowl and get out. i'm wondering about if any bud smell lingers on the mflb? i'm probably just going to keep it in my pocket.
  2. No. Just be careful, most schools have a really harsh drug policies.
  3. be careful always, but i think you should be fine. i used to vape in class.. hahaha
  4. Nah dude your fine. I do this every day, I just ask my teachers if i can go to the bathroom and go to the one in my locker room because its least used just in case. But I havent had a problem yet ;)
  5. I'm not sketch about the actual vaping process. I mean does the MFLB smell like bud at all? and if i come to class with a pre-packed bowl would the bud odor emit out the hole where you put the tube, or the battery slot?
  6. I would say your fine. I carry mine around in my backpack all day from class to class and cant smell a thing. But if you combust the weed when your taking you hit then it will smell a bit but still probably nothing to worry about.
  7. Do vapors smell like anything?
  8. depends on how much vapor resin there is in the chamber/stem.

    if you use it a lot you can defiantly smell the "honey"..but if you vape every now and then probably won't smell like anything.

    its not gonna reek so you should be fine. just put it in your pocket.
  9. what about if i come to school with a pre-packed trench? will the smell come out the other holes?
  10. i doubt the smell is that strong..if it is just put it in the small bag that came with your mflb kit. or clean your stem and trench with iso alc and the brush that was always included in the kit.

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