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  1. Hello fellow blades

    I know theres probably threads on this topic already but i felt like making my own sooo yeah. Ive never used a vape but im thinking about buying the mflb to conserve weed. I know people say they dont give big vapor clouds but im okay with this as long as it is efficient and gets me stoned. So my question is how efficient is it compared to smoking a bong or pipe and is the high comparable to the high of smoking(bowl of .2-.3) out of a bong? I found a real mflb on sale for $40 and a davinci for $80 i know the davinci is the better vape but i dont have much extra money to spend so im leaning more towards the mflb. Anyways blades please let me know if you think the mflb is a good investment and worth the money if you have had experience with it.
    First off, we got to get this out of the way.    Real?   Please tell us, how do you KNOW that they are real?
  3. Dude sent me the serial # and i checked with mflb

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