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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hotdog585, May 8, 2011.

  1. This happened a couple days ago and I now wanna write about it. Alright, so I decided I wanna buy a MFLB. They cost $99 on blissville. I buy one of those debit cards at the dollar store, and put $101 on it (just in case), plus the $3 fee.

    I get home, excited to order. FML, there's also a monthly fee I didn't know about so I only have $98 and change. I drive back to the store to add a few bucks only to find out you have to add at least $10. Fuck.

    I ended up ordering it somewhere else for $97, but the shipping is gonna take much longer than blissville would have :( if only I had added 1 more dollar.

    All in all I hope the MFLB is worth the trouble, never vaped before. Insights welcome.
  2. green beans
  3. u coulda just added 10 then just spent the rest on pappers or like munchie food
  4. I hate the MFLB, everybody told me how great it is but I never had fun vaping from such a small device although the high and taste is superb.
    It's perfect for stealth (no sound or smell) and it's probably the method you need the least bud for to get moderatly high(besides ellbow-packs with an Arizer imo)
  5. Was broke to shit after that, didn't even have $10 :mad:

    As long as the high is superb it sounds alright, I'm not too concerned about stealth but it does sound pretty nifty. Does it really conserve that much bud? Like I'll usually bong a .25 bowl of good mids and be fairly high for almost 2 hours
  6. Well MFLB is awesome there is a learning curve. Some people can just pick it up and vape no problem, some on the other hand try it and say it sucks and toss it back and I laugh cause just because they cant follow how to use it properly
  7. Haha, it tastes great, gets you really high, is perfect for stealth, and conserves a ton of weed...but, for some unexplained reason, you hate it?
  8. #8 Corni, May 8, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2011
    Yes:D It's too small, I don't like recharging the batteries, I don't like vaping from such a small straw. I can only load a bit in the MFLB and if tolerance gets too big it's not sufficient anymore and I start bong-toking. It took me to long to get high overall..

    It couldn't replace my bong at all. I was happy with it for 2-3 days but I need a stronger buzz.
    The Arizer 4.0 could more or less replace my bong because it allows you to vaporize larger amounts in a shorter time:D

    The MFLB is great but it's not for everyone and it can't replace the joy of smoking for everyone.. hell even the arizer couldn't complettly replace it but I haven't used the MFLB for months now because it's unpractical for me (takes too long to pack it, no real impulse to smoke it given that I own another expensive vaporizer and a nice glass bong):eek:

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