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MFLB related - vaping keif

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingStun10, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Alright blades so last night i decided to clean out my grinder and put all the crystal into my mflb and vaped it. The results were incredible, the keif had turned into little hard rocks. Im not sure but i think that this might be hash? well i stuck all the rocks together and made a little brick.

    what r your thoughts?
  2. Try to smoke it when ur sober and see what happens.
  3. You vaped straight kief in the MFLB? Oh wow I must try this. I usually mix it with the bud cuz I heard it gets sticky and messes up your trench screen if you do it kief only.
  4. What I usually do with my hot box (HBV FTW!) is grind up a small amount of weed then take my kief and sprinkle it on the said weed, then I put that in my hose (I refuse to call the damn thing a "wand"... such a stupid name) and toke away.
  5. I heard it's not good for the MFLB to take kief man, I don't think you should do it anymore man.

  6. shit I do it all the time I.
    My mflb is fine though?
  7. I always vape keif out of my issues here.
  8. yea it did kinda make the trench sticky but its an easy clean with the brush... anyone know if the rez is hash or what?

    and btw i filled that trench with keif lol

  9. Dude, fucking smoke it. That's how you're going to find out, stop waiting around for a magic answer.
  10. I love to vape kief in my MFLB, gets me super high. Just stir it around every hit or two and you'll get great hits. And I don't think that it hurts the MFLB at all.
  11. I always vape kief in my mflb, doesn't hurt it, and that story is hilarious.
  12. So what's the consensus then? Sprinkle a little kief on a small trench of weed or just put the kief in the trench and smoke it? I don't want to mess up my MFLB.
  13. well my resting heart rate is like 70bpm and when the medics came it was above 140 so thats double, and it has slowed down a lot since it had started 40 mins earlier

  14. Man, that's super normal, ESPECIALLY if you took a hit you aren't used to. This happens to me a lot. When it does happen I don't freak out or anything, I just realize that my body is just doing work to readjust to the chemicals I put in it. Here's a real life example, maybe it'll help if it happens to you again.

    Sitting, taking small hits out of my bubbler. I decide to take a larger hit. But not being used to my bubbler I take a much bigger hit than planned. I have a coughing attack. I realize the window isn't open. So I stand up to open it, then get light-bodied (equivalent of light headed, but for body parts). I think "Whoa, gotta sit down, lol my legs feel like spaghetti," so I sit down, and bam, my heart starts racing until I take a deep breath of fresh air and reeeeeelax.

    It's all normal for me. The only time I'll actually get worried is when I feel pain or hear something ripping. xD
  15. The great thing is even if kief fucks it up, MFLB will always replace your shit.

    Great company :smoke:
  16. That story had me dying tho. I get uncomfortably high like that at least once a month. never go to the hospital, just talk myself thru it lol. 

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