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MFLB Power Adapter Questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Funky Kush, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Hey fellow stoners!

    I am a proud own of the Magic Flight Launch Box and highly recommend this companies products to anyone who enjoys cannabis.

    I originally bought this vaporizer for the stealthiness it brings. Living in a college dorm room can be sketchy so I can not smoke inside. That is why I began vaporizing. The smell that is permeated from this piece can easily go unnoticed, especially because I blow my hits through a Smoke Buddy, a fancy carbon filter sploof.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if I were to order and start using the MFLB power adapter would that add any sort of smell to the process because I do know that this attachment is known for stronger hits but is it also known for stronger smells?

    Thanks for all the help and peaceful toking everyone!:smoking:
  2. Well stronger hits would mean more vapour.

    More vapour = more smell, but its a MFLB so there's barely any smell to begin with. I think you'd be perfectly be fine with the smoke buddy and a window or fan.
  3. don't combust you should be fine man. I'll use my MFLB with the PA and the WPA in my room and someone will walk in and there will be no smell.
  4. You'll be fine, especially since you the a smoke buddy too.

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