Mflb on ebay vs. official site

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ikana, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. So im cash strapped and wondering if theres any difference between buying it ft ft like $75 on ebay or $125 on the official site, like if you still get a warranty, if its even worth it. I dont want to buy from a headshop because they would probably charge like $150-200 for it here (all hike prices like 100%)
  2. Often buying off Ebay you will lose the manufacturer warranty.
  3. Ahh i just noticed on their site they had a faq on warranty as long as serial number isnt filed off I guess its transferrable. I was planning on buying a new one anyways
  4. Warranty works fine for MFLBs bought on ebay, as long as it's an authentic MFLB
  5. I purchased an authentic mflb on eBay for about $77, and there is no reason your warrantee would be affected by this. Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    i just bought a Davinci vape off ebay a week ago, when i got it, when i tried to use it, it was broken. he sent me a shitty piece. he stated no returns blah blah and now im fighting to get my money back. in my opinion, its not worth it, especially if he has it stated as no returns. thats a scary sign. just make sure you know what your buying off of ebay.
    and at least you get the manufactures  warranty with the one from the official site :p
    EDIT: now that im reading the comments about getting warranty off ebay my post is kind of invalid lol. get it from ebay if you find a good one :)
  7. the best deals ive found besides ebay are from for $85 with free shipping or from puffitup for $119 with a small Space Case 2piece grinder, a Vatra Zip Pouch (which looks really nice), 48-Pack Bristle Pipe Cleaners, 2 Clear AVB Containers , an extra Magic Flight Glass Stem and FREE  Shipping (USA)
    i was looking into a space case anyways and the fact that it comes with it is a huge plus for me. all that other stuff is just a huge bonus. plus it still comes in the magic flight tin box

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