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MFLB - Help Me Pick Where To Buy

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadianToken, Mar 18, 2012.

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    EDIT: You don't really have to read this, just read my last post.

    Ok so I know I made one of these threads about a year ago but I forgot why I decided to not buy one. Anyways, I'm now at a all time-high for tolerance and smoke bout 2-3 times a day. I figured now it's a good idea to buy a vape because I know it'll save me money down the road, but I don't want to throw down too much money. The MFLB is right about how much I want to spend. Has anything changed in the past year?

    Btw I still do live at home so the whole stealth thing is a plus. I no longer have a grinder since I lost my sharpstone :(

    What accessories should I buy ( batteries, grinder, ect..) and where should I buy the mflb from?

    Last question: I just want to make sure, everyone says the mflb is a cerebral high, so does that mean that I can say goodbye to body highs when I vape ?
  2. I don't own a mflb, but I do have an extreme q vaporizer. It does save a lot on weed (I used an eighth every two weeks.)
    If you plan on vaping on the go alot get the mflb, but if you want something that will be stationary, get an extreme q.
  3. Buy it from the MFLB website, it comes in a nice box and you get a free grinder.

    Thats really all you need, maybe some extra batteries. Vaping is really good for you, and the MFLB lets you do it almost ANYWHERE.

    I've never smoked out of it, but a lot of my friends have one.
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    The only thing I'm worried about is, I like head highs more than body highs BUT I don't like there being no body high at all. &from what i've been told mflb = no body high. Even with this tho I'm set on getting it, it's going to save me money and get me high as fuck so why not. Just looking for the best place to buy it, and for a person that smokes 2-3 times a day, how many batteries should I have? Btw Im the kind of person that when I am smoking, i like to get Ripped.

    EDIT : I've decided I want to get it, Now just need help picking the best place to get it from(how many batteries, where to get grinder from, anything else I might need?) , and i just want an answer on the body high question, regardless tho im going for it.

    So far I've seen blissville, amazon, the magic flight site, and then these three.

  5. I checked the website, didn't see anything about a free grinder.
  6. The main MFLB site has a grinder that fits it perfectly for like 9 bucks. You can find the entire kits cheaper on EBay (usually under $90) or on Amazon, but I haven't seen the grinder for sale elsewhere.

    The batteries on these things last longer than you think, but if you're planning on smoking out with a bigger group you may want to get an extra couple batteries or the power adapter.
  7. ^^^
  8. Since all the kids rave about it, i deny it.

    Plus I read about too many complaints.

    Is stealth really that important? Regular vapes work better from my understanding.
  9. Yeah I live at home, so I can't have one of those big vaporizers, plus at $120, I don't really want to spend a dime more. That's a lot of money for a college student without a job. Anyways I need help picking one of the above links in my previous posts, which one do you guys think I should go for?
  10. give a free grinder with purchase. Free 3pc acryllic, also you can upgrade that to a 4pc steel for $12 extra. Thats $8 off the original price.
  11. Second one has the whip and I don't think you're really gonna need 6 batteries, so I'd go with that.
  12. Does the power adapter make the MFLB hit like a desktop vape?
  13. What's the whip for? And the reason Im having a hard time picking between the second and third is the grinder. Since the 2nd one has a 4pc grinder, will it still be grinded enough to fit in the trench? Also, amazon has the grinder for 91$ which is 30$ cheaper, would it be better to just get that, and order the batteries/grinder separately ?
  14. Just lets it plug in instead of using the batteries, doesn't change the temp or anything.
  15. A whip just gives the vape longer to travel so it's cooler when you inhale. I like it, personally, makes the hit feel cleaner if that makes any sense.
  16. I think that is a common misconception around here that vapes save money. It is actually one of the reasons I don't use mine much at all, because it takes at least a half gram to gram to load. Plus the high is not the same as actually buring.

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