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  1. hey all, I guess since I used my MFLB so much my batteries completely died. They don't seem to hold a charge anymore. My question is, where else can I get the batteries other than the MFLB site? can i get them on amazon? and does anyone know of any longer lasting batteries than the stock ones that i can buy? Thank you!
    If anyone can post a direct link that would also be greatly appreciated
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    [quote name='"Yosh139"']12 Tenergy 2600mAh AA 1.2V NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

    Apparently any AA battery can work, you just have to pull off the casing, in this case the blue wrap around these batteries.[/quote]

    Well, not ANY battery... Any rechargeable NiMH battery with the casing and glue removed (over 2000mAh) will work.

    I just bought the Powerex 2700mAh 4- pack from amazon for $15. HIGHLY recommended.

  4. can you use the charger that came with the MFLB with these batteries?
  5. [quote name='"wdpshooter"']

    can you use the charger that came with the MFLB with these batteries?[/quote]

    Yes you can

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