MFLB batteries corroding? Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by James Corcoran, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Hi all!
    I recently got a new MFLB a few months ago (have had one for many years before, but it needed to be replaced).
    However, I noticed that when charging the batteries yesterday, they were getting incredibly hot and started corroding.  These are the stock batteries and stock charger.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas for what to do?  The batteries still seem to work, but the corrosion is coming out.

  2. Getting really hot isn't a big deal, they do that a lot, but if the batteries are broken/split/leaking you should stop using them and maybe replace them.
    Can you maybe post pics?
  3. Warm is ok.   Hot is not ok.  
  4. yes get replacement batteries and get the 2700 mAh ones.
    Sorry, I can't post any because I cleaned off the corrosion that comes out during the charge.  However, I think I'm just gonna order a new set of 2700mAh ones.  Can those be used with the stock charger?
  6. yes they will work on the stock charger

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    Thanks for the info! Do they take longer to charge tho because they are higher capacity than the stock batteries?
  8. I couldn't really tell a difference. I don't really use my mflb anymore. But the powerex 2700's will work

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